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Storyline:  Mal Stanton is a young, shy, and sensitive man in the Royal Air Force stationed at Strike Force Base.  The studious Mal doesn't fit in and finds himself getting beat up in a local RAF hang out bar by Hooker.  However, from this humiliating experience Mal meets Angie, who works at the bar. Angie is sweet girl with street smarts, and Mal is immediately smitten with her.  He begins to court Angie when she drops a bomb and tells him she's pregnant, but she doesn't know who the father is.  The entire base thinks the baby is Mal's, and he instantly becomes accepted as one of the lads.  Mal proposes to Angie, who reluctantly accepts.  Angie soon decides that she wants to give the baby up for adoption as Mal fights to change her mind and win her heart.

Acting/Dialogue:  The cast does a fine job of acting in this off beat, but sensitive story.  Dinsdale  and Couper  both give excellent performances.  Bean's Hooker has a small, but memorable part in the film.  The dialogue of the film isn't particularly memorable, but suits the overall film. A nice line from Mal is, "There's a way Angie. It's up to us to find it and sort it out."

The story, while off beat with an unusual turn at the end, was none the less believable, much of which is due to the fine acting of the cast.  The film, viewed today after the Cold War and military star wars, is interesting in retrospect.  I find it rather unrealistic that Mal is so determined to be a father and raise a child that is not his. He never seems to doubt whether or not he's doing the right thing.

The story is resolved a bit too neatly at the end, but still an enjoyable film.

by Megan E. Galloway, 1998

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