Wicked Blood

A new film. Sean is already in Baton Rouge (USA) filming. One of his co-stars is James Purefoy, who Sean worked with in Sharpe's Sword.

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Jake Busey‏@TheJakeBusey9h
Big first day of filming with #seanbean and #jamespurefoy today. Heck of a movie. Then #AbigailBreslin came in and rounded out the day

Abigail Breslin‏@yoabbaabba8h
Great second day on #wickedblood working with #seanbean and @TheJakeBusey ! #excitement

James Purefoy Twitter Question&Answer

Ok seriously....whats with the beard? Why would you cover up all that handsome?
I'm about to play a member of a biker gang in Baton Rouge who owns a strip bar. With Abigail Breslin and Sean Bean. People who ride Harleys and wear club colors always have goatees don't they?
Ok ok ok....I believe you are correct. But I am not a fan of covering up all the handsome....just saying :) And awesome you are working with Sean Bean..loved him on Game of Thrones!!!
I know it's acting, but isn't it kind of weird to play the love interest of a 17 year old girl?
How much screen time does Sean Bean get before he is killed in your new project?
No comment, but he didn't die the last time I worked with him

Hallo Mr. Purefoy greetings from Germany. I have seen i think nearly every of your works which a availble for me.And i loved and enjoyed them all. You have played a great variety of charakters. What would you thing for your self is still missing ? What kind of roles and charakter are you seaching for?
I think one of slight pitfalls about working a lot over a long period of time is the danger of regurgitating characters that you've played before. So I'm on an endless quest to find new people to play. One reason why I wanted to do WICKED BLOOD was to play a blue collar American Biker because it's not a part that I've ever played before, and I'm scared, and that's good.

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