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A few nice audio files from this 30 minutes TV film Files/wedded1.mp3 Files/wedded3.mp3 Files/wedded8.mp3 Files/wedded012.mp3

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These are bad quality, but given the old material the best I could do.


A couple are going through a rocky patch in their four year marriage, and the husband leaves, driving off into the wet dark night.


The Wife is obsessed with Shirley Bassey. This short 30 minute film moves between the man and the woman, showing how they are coping with their emotions. The man continues to drive in the rain, going over and over the short- comings of his marriage and his wife.


The woman, listening constantly to Shirley Bassey, to help her cope with the pain of her husband leaving, whilst shredding his clothes, finds strengths in her character that she didn't know existed. The man as he continues to drive becomes more reflective about his wife and child and begins to realise what he has left behind.

Wedded was filmed over a three day period beginning 14 July 1990.

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