Episode 9 of the Diaries is now released and can be ordered ! Mine is on the way !


Episode 8 of the Diaries is now released and can be ordered ! Mine is on the way !


Jason Salkey (Rifleman Harris in 12 of the 14 Sharpe episodes) taped the filming of those episodes on VHS. They are for sale, both on VHS and on DVD,

Read his introduction here:


As luck would have it, I sensed early on that the project we were filming had all the potential for future status as T.V. gold. What the public didn't know was the events on-location in the early Sharpes, such as dealing with post soviet Ukraine, became folklore in the world of film. The scale of the project, the area of the world we worked in and the continual obstacles thrown at us make an unbelievable parallel story to that of Sharpe and his men.

The Harris video diaries are an attempt to bring the verbatim story of life on Sharpe. The films are targeted primarily at the vast gang of Sharpe fans across the world, but have proved equally interesting to ever-increasing legion of Sean Bean loyalists.

Using the material my unique access provided, the aim is to shed light on the amazing journey that Shape took us all on, explain my role in creating the Sharpe legend and attempt to make clearer the wacky process of filmmaking.

As well as the many hours of video tape footage, I have a written diary and ample collection of photographs that [hopefully] all coalesce to bring you a compelling set of films.

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I bought all 7 episodes, and am eagerly waiting for episode 8 which I expect to arrive any day now. You can find background information, screen caps and many more on his site.

Jason also sells great photographs of Sharpe and his Chosen Men. I've added a few down here. Normally I never watermark pictures, because I really dislike doing that, but in this case, I will. I hope you'll understand.










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