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Daily Mail scan 27/5/2011

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Screencaps from BluRay

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Age of heroes screencaps slideshow

MI6 CONFIDENTIAL – Always bet on Bond - interview with Sean on AOH in the #10 issue.


(London, UK, May 30th 2011) MI6 Confidential, the full-colour magazine celebrating the world of

James Bond 007, returns with its tenth issue.

With the tabloid press railing against his selection and criticizing his suitability as the new James

Bond on an almost daily basis, and the producers making the bold step of resetting the character

back to the start of his career, the stakes could not have been higher for the release of “Casino

Royale” and Daniel Craig’s debut as 007.

 As well as rounding up interviews with the on-screen villains, Issue #10 of MI6 Confidential - the

leading James Bond magazine - focuses on some of the aspects of the critically-acclaimed

production that are often overlooked: pre-visualization, production design, scoring, special effects,

costume design and the publicity machine that made sure everyone knew ‘Bond was back!’

Featured in this issue:

 • Bay Area Bonding – Tracking “A View To A Kill” around famous San Francisco landmarks

• James Bond’s France – Searching for the real Casino Royale

• ‘Card Sense’ Jimmy Bond – A look back at the 1954 Casino Royale live teleplay on CBS

• That Sinking Feeling – Peter Lamont and Chris Corbould on recreating Venice

• Rogues Gallery – Interviews with the villains of Casino Royale: Mads Mikkelsen, JesperChristensen and Clemens Schick

• Between Script & Screen – Before the cameras roll, storyboard artist Martin Asburyreveals his ‘pre-vis’ magic

• Scoring Casino Royale – Composer David Arnold talks about the score and Bond themedeconstruction

• Dressing 007 – Costume designer Lindy Hemming explains the new look for a new Bond

• Around The World With Casino Royale – How the worldwide publicity machine boostedBond at the box-office

 • Age of Heroes – Sean Bean discusses his new WWII film based on Ian Fleming’s 30 Commando Unit

• The Last Word – Director Martin Campbell on shooting the intricate poker sequence

Issue #10 is now shipping around the world. To order online, visit

Hugh Maddocks


Mi6 Confidential magazine

Great article from The Daily Mail

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 Pirates and heroes...

Interview with Sean

Screencaps from the interview

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Age of Heroes articles


Bean and Dyer are a charity force


SEAN BEAN and DANNY DYER are helping to support the armed forces with charity screenings of their latest film.

 World War II drama Age Of Heroes will blast onto screens all around the country this Sunday for special previews in aid of ForceSelect.

 The thriller is inspired by the real-life events of Bond creator Ian Fleming's Commando Unit - an inspiration for the modern day special forces.  The screen hard-men play members of 30 Commando, sent into Nazi-occupied Norway to capture vital technology that could turn the tide of the war.

 Danny said: "We had half a day with the marines and they laugh in the face of adversity. They told us 'Don't be afraid, if you're under fire, to look at each other and have a little bit of a snigger. It's a nervous laugh but it's real, we do that.'

 "I found that fascinating."

 Danny also praised the Jobs For Heroes scheme which landed ex-soldiers parts in the film. He said: "Most of the Nazis are played by real marines and ex-soldiers, and they're watching us.

"It adds that little bit of pressure. There's no time to moan. You don't want to be a diva on this job.  "You just get on with it."

 The special charity preview screenings, priced at £5, take place nationwide at Cineworld cinemas this Sunday 15th May at 3pm around the UK.

Every penny raised will be donated to the ForceSelect Foundation - a specialist fundraiser that supports small-scale Armed Forces charities that aid former UK Service members.

The special charity screenings will be held on 15th May at 3pm at these Cineworld cinemas:



Milton Keynes




Aberdeen Union




Sean Bean Bonds with Ian Fleming 


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DVD Cover

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The UK release will be on March 27!


Richard Campling, who is a production designer on Age of Heroes, has an album of very interesting photos from the film including one of Sean;

.Age of Heroes pictures

Article in pdf with some nice pictures


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Age of Heroes article


Sean Bean Completes Film About Fleming’s 30 Commando

 Principal photography was recently completed in Norway on ‘Age of Heroes’, a new World War Two adventure about the operations of the special elite Commando unit founded by 007 author Ian Fleming. The movie, directed by Adrian Vitoria, is the first part of a planned trilogy about British special forces. The other two films in the series will be entitled ‘Age of Honour’ and ‘Age of Glory’.

The new wartime drama stars Sean Bean as Captain Jones, Danny Dyer as Corporal Bob Rains, and Izabella Miko. Bean, of course, is very familiar to Bond fans, as he played villainous Alec Trevelyan opposite Pierce Brosnan’s 007 in ‘Goldeneye’ (1995). He is also an accomplished TV and stage actor, who returned to the London stage in 2002 to play ‘Macbeth’ alongside former Miss Moneypenny actress Samantha Bond. Bean has also played the hero in ITV’s long-running and popular Napoleonic drama ‘Sharpe’.

Interestingly, there is also a key role in ‘Age of Heroes’ for British actor James D’Arcy, who plays Ian Fleming. The official synopsis for the film reveals that it is ‘based on the true story of the formation of James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s 30 Commando, one of the most respected, secretive and exclusive special forces regiments formed during  the Second World War...’. The plot tells the story of how maverick but talented soldier Corporal Rains is recruited into the new unit by Captain Jones, a Commando force that was given special and particularly dangerous tasks by the British military. The main action in the film then takes place in the tough snowy terrain of the mountains of Norway, and involves the Commando unit, led by Captain Jones, carrying out a daring attack on a top secret German radar station, an outpost which has the latest hi-tech equipment and is heavily guarded.

During the filming James D’Arcy, whose previous roles have included British navy First Lt. Tom Pullings in ‘Master and Commander’ (2003), Father Francis in ‘Exorcist: The Beginning’ (2003), and numerous British TV roles, offered some brief thoughts on his role as Ian Fleming to the Norwegian press. He said: ‘Fleming lived an unreal life. It’s strange, really, that the story of his life isn’t better known’.

Stuntmen extras recruited for the fight scenes on the film included 20 former British soldiers, who all once served in the SAS and other units, and were supplied by Andy Macnab, former SAS operative and author of ‘Bravo Two Zero’, who also gave military advice to the new production. He remains good friends with Sean Bean, who played Macnab in the ITV film version of the now famous account of a real-life SAS operation that went badly wrong during the first Gulf War. Adrian Vitoria, the director of ‘Age of Heroes’, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Ed Scates, was so keen to have everything appear as authentic as possible in the new movie that he persuaded several of the actors to train with former British soldiers for a number of weeks prior to the start of the filming in Norway.

However, not everything went to plan while the main unit filmed on location. Many of the cast and crew were hit in April by a vomiting virus, which forced a temporary halt to the production. The Icelandic volcanic ash crisis also threatened at one point to seriously disrupt proceedings and maroon the crew in Norway. But both cast and crew have revealed in online blogs how much they enjoyed working on the movie, despite the brief setbacks. And preview stills released from the film certainly look stunning.

The UK release date for the new £5 million movie has been set for 1 st October, 2010, and it is currently in post-production. The next movie in the trilogy will apparently be set in Africa.




Poster for Age of Heroes


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Age of Heroes article

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Aksel Hennie on British A-list team!
His performance in “Max Manus” opened the doors to British film for Aksel Hennie.

The 34 year old is now playing a big role in the war epic “Age of Heroes” with a star team of actors previously seen in “The Lord of the Rings”, “Master and Commander” and “The Football Factory”.

-There are an incredible amount of talent both in front and behind the camera. I feel very lucky to be a part of this, says Aksel Hennie.
He’s dressed in a British military uniform from World War 2, and is has black colour on his hands and face. Around him armed man run around, shouting to each other in English.
–Rains, get off him!, shouts a sergeant major with Scottish accent.

Norwegian becomes Scottish

This week the film crew started the shooting of the war film, and the mountains by Langevatn outside Ålgård at Jæren is turned into the Scottish highlands for the occasion. The soldiers are British special forces preparing for a life threatening mission in Norway.
Already this weekend the crew is moving to Hukeli to shoot the fights against the German soldiers protecting a top secret radar station with the newest equipment.
They will also shoot in England some time this spring.
-War films is the reason I wanted to be a movie director. I’m above average interested in World War 2, and have seen almost everything made, says director Adrian Vitoria.
His interest in the war made him buy a ticket to see “Max Manus”. He was so impressed that he later got the Blu-ray edition.
-Aksel Hennie did an amazing job, and we’re very happy that he’s with us, says Vitoria.

The first of three

“Age of Heroes” is the first part in a trilogy about British special forces. Vitoria says he wants to have Hennie in the next film, set in Africa.
-I play a Norwegian who has escaped to the USA, but who’s being brought in to help the British commando soldiers who are performing an attack in Norway, says Hennie.
The leader of the group of British special forces is played by Sean Bea, who in Norway is probably beat known for his portrayal of Boromir in “The Lord of the Rings”.
-I’ve been to Norway once before, but then only in Spitsbergen. It’s nice to get to spend three weeks hare in the country now, says the famous actor.
He’s interested in the war and is impressed by the script. It’s partially based on the experiences of Ian Fleming, the author who created James Bond, in 1945.
Fleming was one of the men who built up the platoon of special forces who got the name 30 Commando.
Fleming also appears in the movie, played by James D’Arcy form “Master and Commander”.
-Fleming lived an unreal life. It’s strange, really, that the story of his life isn’t better known, says D’Arcy.

Open to everything
Director Vitoria is very eager that everything should appear as authentic as possible in the film. Several of the actors have been in training with British elite soldiers. Aksel Hennie also spent a day with the Royal Marines a couple of weeks ago.
-Will you focus more on making movies outside Norway in the future?
- I love the Norwegian movie industry and the audience in this country, and I like the way things are now. In this business you never know what will happen until just before it does. I’m reading several scripts now, so we’ll see what opportunities turns up, says Hennie.

Caption, pic of Hennie and Sean:
Pleased: -I’m very lucky to work with so talented people, says Aksel Hennie. Here with Sean Bean who played Boromir in “The Lord of the Rings”.
-A great guy!

It’s rough when the British special forces train for a mission in Norway.

During the shoot yesterday one of the hottest names in the film, lead actor Danny Dyer, got a blow to the back.
-Bloody annoying, but it is a physical role, says the Brit who at home in England is compared to both Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell.
He’s in Norway for the first time to play corporal Bob Rains, a good soldier who’s not always good at following orders.
Dyer has a packed schedule, but it was never an option to turn down the part of a special force soldier.
-It’s about time they made a British war film again, says Dyer who praise Aksel Hennie.
-He’s a great guy. He radiates energy when he acts, says Dyer.



Bean Bonds With Heroes

GoldenEye villain to star in film about Ian Fleming's commando unit.

By IGN Staff


US, March 26, 2010 – Content Film International has acquired worldwide rights (excluding the UK and Scandinavia) to the World War II action film, Age of Heroes, which stars Sean Bean (the villainous Agent 006 in Goldeneye), Danny Dyer, (Dead Man Running) and Rosie Fellner (The Crew. The film is co-written by Ed Scates and Adrian Vitoria and directed by Adrian Vitoria (Hit Girls). More cast will be announced soon.

The Dirty Dozen meets Tigerland in Age of Heroes, an action film based on the true story of the formation of Ian Fleming's 30 Commando, one of the most respected, secretive and exclusive special forces regiments formed during the Second World War, from which the now legendary SAS was born. (Ian Fleming would later become a novelist and create James Bond.) The film will be shot in Norway and the UK with principal photography starting on April 6, 2010. Age of Heroes is the first in a trilogy of War Films (Age of Honor and Age of Glory make up the trio) that are first out the gate from Lex Lutzus' Neon Park, in collaboration with Nick O'Hagan's Giant Films and Cinedome.

Ambushed deep behind enemy lines in WW2, the young British corporal Rains (Dyer) fearlessly leads his men out of danger. But his rogue attitude costs him, and he's sent to an allied military prison for insubordination. When the highly esteemed Captain Jones (Bean) shows up, Rains's bravado and raw display of fighting skills impress Jones enough to recruit him for his 'Commando' unit.

After weeks of mentally intense and physically grueling training ops where Jones tests his men to their breaking point, they are quickly assigned their first mission; to parachute into occupied Norway and capture a deadly new radar technology from the Germans. But as they get near the drop-zone, the newly formed band of brothers, joined by 'Norwegian yank' Steiner and beautiful blonde spy Jensen, find themselves in the midst of a fierce dogfight, before crash landing in a Norwegian village where Nazis have been mercilessly executing civilians.

In a bloody battle in the mountains of Norway, outnumbered by an enemy as ruthless as it is clinical, the soldiers soon realize it's do-or-die time. And by pushing their innate skills and hardcore training to the nth degree, we see that this is no time for ordinary soldiers… This is the Age of Heroes.


Sean Bean set for war hero role

Sean Bean is to star in new World War II action drama Age Of Heroes.


The Sharpe star will appear alongside Danny Dyer and Rosie Fellner in the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Co-written by Vitoria and Ed Scates, the drama - the first in a planned trilogy - is based on the true story of the formation of Ian Fleming's 30 Commando unit, a precursor for the elite forces in the UK.

The film, which will be directed by Adrian Vitoria, is due to begin shooting on location in Norway early next month.



Leads cast in WWII drama 'Heroes'

Story of Ian Fleming's commando unit first in planned trilogy

By Stuart Kemp

March 25, 2010, 12:33 PM ET


LONDON -- Sean Bean, Danny Dyer and Rosie Fellner are gearing up to star in World War II action drama "Age of Heroes," directed by Adrian Vitoria and set to shoot early next month.

Co-written by Vitoria and Ed Scates, the movie will be shot in Norway.

British indie distributor Metrodome has U.K. distribution rights and will co-produce with Lex Lutzus' start up production banner Neon Park. The film is also being produced by Nick O'Hagan's Giant Films and Cinedome and will be sold worldwide outside the U.K. and Scandinavia by U.K. and U.S. sales and finance label ContentFilm.

U.K. based Matador Pictures is leading the financing along with private investors while Norway's National Film Institute and local fund Film Kraft are backing the project via Norwegian production house Moskus Films.

The movie, planned as the first in a trilogy of war flicks, is based on the true story of the formation of Ian Fleming's 30 Commando unit, a precursor for the elite forces in the U.K.

The two titles in line after "Heroes" are "Age of Honor" and "Age of Glory."



Danny Dyer Looks Back Over 2009


2009 has been an incredibly busy year for Danny Dyer with the likes of City Rats and Dead Man Running under his belt.


But he's taking a bit of a break from his movie career this week to talk about his big passion in life... football.

Yes he's promoting his new DVD Football Foul Ups and I caught up with him to chat about it, the year he has had and what lies ahead over the next twelve months.


What’s next for you?

I’m going to do a movie called Devil’s Playground a horror movie, and it’s not a horror comedy it’s a straight horror, and them I’m going to go off and do a movie with Sean Bean called The Age of Heroes which sees me playing a commander during Dunkirk. Again it’s something a bit different and I love Sean I worked with him on Outlaws. There is also talk of me doing Severance 2.


"Rogaland get in the spring of visits by Hollywood stars who will play the movie film "Age of heroes".

The story is taken from World War II, and it shall be recorded by the war scenes in Jaeren and Sirdal.

It is Filmkraft Rogaland who have worked to get the recording to the county, and the head Sjur Paulsen says that the two famous actors starring in the film. The most famous is Sean Bean, who among other things, played in all three "Lord of the Rings" movies.

-Bean is to be one of the great Hollywood stars that England has, "said Paulsen.

Another famous actor in "Age of heroes" are Danny Dyer, who among other things, has starred in films like "The football factory, and" The last seven ".

-The script for the British film also contains Norwegian characters and negotiations now with the well-known Norwegian actors to participate, "said Paulsen.

Jæren becomes Scotland
-There is a British film where the action is played out during World War II, says Paulsen.

British paratroopers will be flown over Rogaland to carry out sabotage in the Norwegian mountains. In the "Age of Heroes" is an area between Sandnes and Ålgård imagine the highlands of Scotland, while Sirdal is the Norwegian mountains.

With a budget of around fifteen million kroner is "Age of heroes" a reativt cheap film in the British context.

The team that produces the film has been in Austria and Switzerland to find locations. Nevertheless, Sirdal and Rogaland selected.

-I think it is a combination of the fact that they found the right buildings, mountains, and the right setting, "said Paulsen. He adds Filmkraft has started a project where the task is to facilitate this type of film recordings.

Recordings will start in Sirdal the first week after Easter."


Enemy of Man Updates

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Backers: 1,400

Days left: 10



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