By Steve Luckings

With Nick Love’s new movie Outlaw hitting cinema screens on Friday 9 March we rounded up the writer/director and his leading man Sean Bean to talk turkey with ‘big boy’ Gaunty.

Hard-hitting and as violent as a drunk who has just been refused at the bar, Outlaw follows hot on the successful heels of The Football Factory and The Business with some of Britain's finest including Sean Bean, Danny Dyer and Bob Hoskins.

Sean Bean is a massive fan of the station and when he heard director friend Nick Love was due on the show he requested for a seat alongside him, and, after careful consideration, we thought ‘why not?’

The lads went down a storm with Mr. Bean putting on a brave face after looking like he had partied like it was 1999 and the pair of them gave their own views on the film which is sure to rock the British film industry and social commentators to their kecks.

Of course, like the crawler that he is The Moose tried hard to impress the film duo with his sports news and ended up filling the room with silence. Obviously we know our word is good enough.

And just when we thought we could roll the red carpet back up Danny Dyer rocked up to join H&J live in the studio, too!

The cockney geezer was a fountain of jellied eels, rhyming slang that no one outside of East Ham could understand and got a special gold star for managing to bite his lip and not swear for an incredible 25 minutes.

Inevitably, the conversation soon turned around to Danny’s beloved West Ham, and the Outlaw star had some stinging words for the Upton Park underachievers.


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