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How Sean Bean has managed to escape the 20 million-dollar-a-movie pay stubs is beyond me? This brilliant shape-shifting actor can absolutely do no wrong on film, be it for the small screen or large. Watching his older TV dramas is a treat for it shows the wide range of what he can do, and it never fails to amaze me how many layers Bean can take any character to, and even in the role of an abusive husband he just tears the heart out of you. As Vic, he is not a nice guy, granted, but as Bean portrays him, that is not all there is about Vic. He was once a catch, once a husband to make his wife swoon, and he does even later on as he drinks and becomes more abusive and depressed due to unemployment. Vic is an everyman with enormous problems as Sean Bean plays him, and you manage to care about him, probably more than you do the abused wife in this TV drama, which is a miracle in itself. Sean Bean continually proves, he is the UK's secret acting weapon, but his time is way overdue for the glory and honor on the large screen, even though he redeems (as much as he can) some of the movies he is in despite other lesser actors, and bad scripts. He just makes every moment on screen worthwhile to watch.

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