Museum invite for Sharpe fans

A MUSEUM is holding a weekend celebrating swashbuckling fictional hero Richard Sharpe.

Firepower, The Royal Artillery Museum, Woolwich, will hold events from May 31 to June 1.

Sharpe was created by bestselling author Bernard Cornwell and later became a TV favourite played by Sean Bean.

Visitors are invited to come dressed in costumes of the time and can watch their favourite Sharpe films in the museum cinema with other fans.

The event, staged in association with the Sharpe Appreciation Society, will display uniforms of the period and Napoleonic weaponry.

There will also be a chance to meet cast and crew members.

Chief operating officer Eileen Noon said: "Much of our world-famous collection is from the Napoleonic period when Sharpe is set so we are the perfect venue for this weekend salute to one of literature's most famous soldiers."



Southernbelle visited, made some lovely pictures, and had her picture taken with some of the cast members ! Click thumbs for full size.



Leggy (Sharpe's Chefs) was there and made some great pictures from the cast members there. More will follow. Click thumbs for full size.

Pictures top left Jason Salkey (Rifleman Harris), top right Daragh O'Malley (Sgt. Harper) and Jason, down right some of the Swords and stuff from Sharpe. In there, 'Knocks' Harpers huge gun and the sword Sean broke on the tree in Waterloo




Donnadoobie made this great cast picture, with from left to right, Back row Paul Bigley who plays Dobbs in Sharpe's Eagle, Lyndon and Jason.

Front Row Hugh Frazer - Duke of Wellington, Tim Bentinck who played Captain Murray in Sharpe' Rifles and Martin Glyn Murray who played Doggett in Sharpe's Waterloo. Click thumbs for full size


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