Sharpe's Reunion

Rebecca Goldsmith is a writer and producer in New Zealand.  She wrote an original screenplay for a new Sharpe movie (based on the film series, not the books) which she submitted to the producers of the series just a few weeks ago.  Even though they liked it, they said it wasn't 'political enough' and that it 'wouldn't work for them'.  Rebecca decided to offer fans of the website to read and give here honest feedback?  I think the producers liked it, but for some reason are unable or unwilling to give it a chance. Maybe if the feedback from the fans is good, they might reconsider.  It's  called SHARPE'S REUNION and has Richard Sharpe fighting in the French invasion of Algiers in 1830 (when he is in his early fifties - which works for Sean Bean as well) and reuniting with his grown up daughter whom he rescues from a murderous felon during the second French Revolution in Paris which happed within weeks of the invasion.  It was the first part of a two part story which culminates in both Sharpe and Harper being trapped and forcibly enlisted in the French Foreign Legion.

This was not a fan fiction but a first draft screenplay, ready for production.

The setting is the year 1830, when Sharpe would be in his early fifties.  Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington was newly appointed Prime Minister of Britain, the first steam railroad connecting two large cities was opened, France invaded Algeria and during the month of July, France experienced its second revolution over a three day period - which became known as the July Revolution.  Also, in the Sharpe series timeline - Antonia, Sharpe's daughter and Patrick Harper Jr. would be in their early twenties.  These are the facts of the year 1830 which are incorporate into the story. 


Would you like to read the screenplay and offer your honest feedback? Then email me at Loucifer67 at themightybean dot com (replace the at with @ and the dot with .) I will send you the script in PDF or Word file, whatever you prefer. Your appreciated feedback can be send by email to me also; I will see that Rebecca receives it.



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