ICAP Charity Day - December 5th, 2012

 The 20th ICAP Charity Day was very successful. Sean was there on behalf of The Sohana Research Fund and according to Twitter, he closed a big deal for them.

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Sean suppots Sheffield Cancer Facility

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Sean Bean brings the epic story of Beowulf to life for blind and partially sighted children

Sean Bean recorded the story of Beowulf for Living Paintings new Touch to See Book: Anglo Saxons. Sean comments: ''I really enjoyed working with Living Paintings and, as such a small charity providing a completely unique service, I hope that my support can help make a difference by raising awareness so that even more visually impaired people can learn about and join their free postal library.'

Sharp's Children Foundation

Bid on a deckchair designed by Sean!

This unique deckchair canvas design painted by SEAN BEAN will be up forauction this Friday October 1st to raise money for charity. The original artwork canbe hung or displayed as a deckchair installation. Sean was one of around 40 well known artists and celebrities who kindly agreed to support the quirky

Suffolk Coastal Deckchairs project to raise funds for St Elizabeth Hospicein Suffolk.


To find out how to bid visit

St. Elizabeth Hospice

Phone bidding is available. Call 01473 723600 now to arrange phone bidding.


Under the Greenwood Tree, all for the sake of the Woodland Trust


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Not many things could drag me out tonight. I am seriously tired, having stayed up until three in the morning with Carl de Canada, whilst he edited, chatted and worked. Farmville was also a distraction. I desperately need some sleep. However, the fact that England has fewer trees almost anywhere in Europe is disturbing enough for me to go to the Globe Theatre and socialise with the Woodland Trust. Last year, I went to Prince Charles' house and walked round his magical garden. This year I talked to Princess Beatrice who truly believes in this wonderful British charity. It costs very little to plant them and it is essential for many reasons that we do. The beauty is the least important and yet so important. The wild life it brings, the balance of eco systems and so on. For the sake of my children's children, our forests must be cherished. The Woodland Trust organised a stunning evening with Clive Anderson wittily keeping the whole thing alive, while Robert Bathurst created fun by asking us to thump the table in time to Shakespeare's "Under the Greenwood Tree". And lets not forget the brooding glamour of Sean Bean, the third sexiest man in England two years ago. How fortunate we all were, and let's pray that The Woodland Trust's aims are achieved. Thanks to the very generous support of Disney, Credit Suisse and others, the food was delicious, the decoration looked good, and we all had a ball.
Sean to the rescue in hospital medical DVD
13 January 2007

 Proud grandmother: Ann Bean with Sean’s dad Brian and Margaret Walliss, who appears in the new medical DVD Picture: Roger Nadal

HOLLYWOOD movie star Sean Bean is known the world over for hit films

such as Lord of the Rings which are enjoyed by millions of fans.
But the 47-year-old's latest project is closer to home - because it hasbeen inspired by love for his 89-year old grandmother Ann. Sean, originally from Handsworth, has narrated a new medical DVD whichwill help hundreds of patients at the Northern General Hospital preparingfor hip and knee replacement surgery.

He put his instantly recognisable voice to the orthopaedic DVD after staffasked Ann, who has been treated at the hospital for joint problems, if shewould sound out her famous grandson about taking part in the project.

And to the amazement of medical staff Sean - who voice can also be head onO2 and Morrisons TV commercials - readily agreed. Now the DVD is completeand is being given out to patients before surgery to help them prepare.

Sean recorded the voiceover for free at his own expense in a London studio.Ann, from Ecclesfield, who has herself received a new hip and knee joint at theNorthern General, and Sean's dad Brian, 71, were invited to the special screeningto celebrate the launch.
"I think it's very good," said Ann, afterwards. "I've been treated very well at thehospital and when I asked Sean he was happy to help."
Ann - who has a collection of Sean's films at her home - said hearing her famousgrandson narrate the DVD had been a pleasure. Big-hearted Sean has previouslyshown his support for the hospital by attending the opening of a newosteoporosis centre, where Ann was previously involved in a medical trial.Brian said the Bean family remain close-knit and he speaks to his son regularly for hours on the phone when he's in America.

"He's the same as he's always been, and hasn't changed a bit. He's done well,"added Brian.

Staff in the orthopaedic department still can't believe their luck in having sucha big star narrating their patient DVD.

Orthopaedic surgery manager, Andrea Watson, said: "It's fantastic as it startedoff as a joke when we were looking for someone with a good Yorkshire accent.Someone said how about Sean Bean? Then someone else remembered hisgranny had been treated here.

"From there it was a case of talking to Ann, then writing to Sean formally, andthe team were amazed when he said 'yes'."It's amazing. He's an A list Hollywood star but he went into a studio andrecorded it between films. I never would have thought we'd have Sean Bean'svoice on it."

Research shows that patients who know what to expect before jointreplacement surgery recover more quickly. Each year around 1,300 patientsare treated for hip and knee replacements at the Northern General andmost are well enough to go home after six or seven days.


October 2002

Sean opening the Cronic Pain Unit at Sheffield Norther General Hospital.



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Phil would like to introduce you to Phil's Million with two quotes; John Dewey wrote "Without some goals and some efforts to reach it, no man can live" and Winston Churchill wrote "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give".

On the 19th February, Major Phil Packer was injured in an incident following a rocket attack in Basra. Sadly, as a result of the accident he lost the use of his legs and is now a paraplegic with what are classed as catastrophic injuries. Every other month Phil attends Headley Court where the Medical Team assists him in his physical rehabilitation.

He continues to serve in the Army and is determined to assist others and provide information on sport to the disabled community. He has also pledged to raise £1 million for Help for Heroes.


Sean designed a code which forms the script for a series of jewels for the Dazzler Campaign. The code is based on abstract sketches Sean created.
  The Dazzler Campaign was a partnership between Emdico, London based diamond merchants and Blondel Cluff, society jeweller and wife of mining magnate, Algy Cluff. The purpose was to combine the glamour of diamonds with a charitable element to it thus imparting a feel good factor to this most intimate and emotional of purchases. Three new cuts of diamonds have been created and patented. They gather and reflect light in a very exciting way thus departing from the sheer uniformity and commonness of the old style of cuts. These cuts are known collectively as ?Cool Cuts? and individually as Shiva, Heera and Amity. Cufflinks
  A percentage of the sale of the wholesale price and a percentage of retail sale prices were pledged to charity. The current beneficiary was the National Osteoporosis Society (NOS). Thus the glamour of diamond was combined with good health. A wide range of celebrities had been invited to design a series of limited edition jewellery using these cuts. The celebrities have pencilled their designs and the dazzler campaign has produced this jewellery and offered it to participating retailers. Sean Bean, Elton John, Phil Collins, Joanna Lumley, Dawn French and Bruce Oldfield, Amanda Wakely from the fashion world and Jewellery designer Theo Fennell and Stephen Webster have generously donated their designs. In addition, several other celebrities have been requested and have agreed to design something for the campaign. Each jewel is produced in strictly limited numbers and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity which bears a unique number, also engraved on the jewel. In addition, a fabulous diamond necklace featuring the Shiva cut has been donated to the NOS. An extensive PR and advertising programme was been planned to showcase the campaign. The Diamond Trading Company has backed the project and has hailed it as an innovative union of luxury and health. All diamonds were sourced from conflict free sources and conforms to DTC's best business practice principles. Source: The Compleat Sean Bean




Home Time photography finding a home is an innovative and exciting exhibition which highlights just some of the thousands of children in the care system who have nowhere to call home.


Their stories are the focus of a new exhibition which opens at the Getty Images Gallery in London on April 24. High profile names such as Cherie Blair, Mario Testino, Gail Porter, Sam Taylor-Wood, Laura Bailey, Andrew Lincoln, Claudia Winkleman and Sean Bean have so far offered to become guest photographers for the day to get a snapshot of their lives.



Carlton Celebrity Auction 2000


Sean was one of the guests at the Carlton Celebrity Auction, which was recorded at the London Studios of Carlton Television on 12 October 2000. The program, which was transmitted on 01 November 2000 on ITV, was hosted by Ulrika Johnsson and Jools Holland with celebrity auctinoneer Michael Winner. Sean presented a holiday in the Maldives that was auctioned off. Other guests included the Irish band Westlife and singer Louise, with proceeds going to raise money for three charities: Centrepoint (for the homeless), the N.S.P.C.C., and The Samaritans.


Thanks to The Compleat Sean Bean





Sharpe's Chefs

As most of you will know Sean is the patron of the National Osteoporosis Society. A group of dedicated fans, lead by my good friend Adele, has worked very hard on this project for almost a year.

The cookbook is all about Sharpe. Bernard Cornwell has written the foreword for the book and contributed two recipes, the two producers of the Sharpe series and the director have contributed too. All the photos have been donated by either Jason Salkey, Picture Palace or Rex Features (who hold all the old Sharpe Photos) for use in the book. All the Chosen Men have given recipes and to top it all Sean himself has endorsed the book and given them their own signed photograph.

They were lucky enough to have found themselves a Sheffield publisher. The man who has designed the book is a real Sharpe fan and this really shows in his design work. It is a real labour of love all round.

It is all in aid of the National Osteoporosis Society, they are to receive all the proceeds from the book normally due to the authors. The book will be released November 1, 2007, more orderimg information will follow soon ! The book will be available directly from the publishers very soon ! They will ship anywhere. I will announce the pre-order date as soon as possible.  I will surely be one of the first to order ! Click on the thumb to see the full version of the advert !  

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The Sharpe Chefs 2 on Campaign cookbook! Click thumbnail for full size.  


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Left to right : Paul Trussell (Tongue) Jason Salkey (Harris) Lyndon Davies (Perkins) and Michael Mears (Cooper)

Saturday, January 19th was the big day ! A lot of Sharpe fans gathered at Waterstone's Bookshop at Piccadilly Circus to get their copy of the Sharpe Chefs Cookbook signed by some of the Chosen Men and meet some of the Sharpe Chefs ! 

Pictures thanks to Macbeth, Leggy, Sylvia, and Silverbuttons. Click to enlarge.



Sean Bean supports city charity

A HOLLYWOOD movie star and a home-grown television starlet have become patrons of the city's homeless charity.
Earlier this week it was revealed that actor Sean Bean and Wakefield's own singer and presenter Jane Mcdonald have agreed to become patrons for the Community Awareness Programme (CAP).

And Ernest Hibbert, project manager for CAP, is delighted at the major coup.

He said it will help raise the profile of the organisation, which has helped the city's homeless for more than a decade.

Mr Hibbert said: "We had been looking for patrons for quite a while. And to get such personalities to support us will help.

"We are thrilled to have both Sean and Jane as our patrons."

Mr Hibbert also said that as soon as their schedules allowed, both Sean and Jane would be visiting Wakefield and CAP.

Wakefield-born Jane's career has seen her be a star of both the stage and screen and she can currently be seen on ITV's Loose Women.

Sheffield-born actor Sean Bean is currently filming in the Arctic and is known for his TV role as Sharpe and high-profile movie roles including performances in The Lord of the Rings sagas, as well as in the Bond movie Goldeneye.

Mr Hibbert and his wife Elisabeth originally set up CAP 10 years ago at the New Life Christian Centre before mov
ing it to Wood Street base in 2004, where it offers help to an average of 200 people a year.

The group, which has a van and driver, is now looking for a warehouse to store its growing number of donations.

Mr Hibbert said: "We realise warehouse space is at a premium and as a charity we cannot afford those prices.

"We trust there maybe someone that has a facility that we can enter into negotiations about, or alternatively there maybe someone wanting to sponsor us."

He said the acquisition of a warehouse would help with the group's future plans to generate money for the charity by employing its clients.

He said: "The money will be ploughed back in and it gives our clients an incentive, employment and a purpose."

Anyone wanting to volunteer, help or make a donation, can contact Mr Hibbert on 01924 381119 at CAP, 7 Wood Street, Wakefield, WF1 2EL, or log onto



Sean Bean launches fundraising appeal

Monday 23rd July 2007

Sheffield?s own Hollywood star, Sean Bean, has launched the new Sheffield Leukaemia and Blood Disorders Appeal at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

The star of the blockbuster Lord of the Rings trilogy, Goldeneye and TV?s Sharpe, planted a tree to mark the occasion in front of an excited crowd of hospital staff and patients. Taking time out from his busy shooting schedule, Sean launched the appeal which aims to raise ┬┐150,000 to fully equip a much-needed new leukaemia ward and day rooms within the hospital.

As well as providing all the vital life-saving equipment for the new specialist unit, the funds raised will help to improve the surroundings and facilities available to those patients receiving care in isolation rooms ? where they can often spend months at a time. 

Emma Dickens, Head of Fundraising for Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust, said: ?We are thrilled that Sean Bean has been able to take the time to give us his support today. The Sheffield Leukaemia and Blood Disorders Appeal will bring huge improvements to the care and treatment of patients, from across South Yorkshire and beyond, for years to come. ?Not only will this appeal fund all of the specialised equipment required on the ward, but it will also aid in patients? recovery by providing an environment that is more like a home from home,? she said. ?We?re all thrilled that Sean has agreed to be an ambassador for our appeal, and are very grateful that he was able to come along and lend some star power to today?s launch.? 

This is the first appeal to be launched by Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust since the establishment of a new fundraising department. Anyone interested in finding out more about the charity and its work can visit the new website at


Sean Bean backs new fundraising appeal

Thursday 28th June 2007

Sheffield-born Sean Bean has given his backing to the Sheffield Leukaemia and Blood Disorders Appeal, being launched by Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust.

Sean is due to officially launch the appeal later in the year.

The Sheffield Leukaemia and Blood Disorders Appeal aims to raise £150,000 to fully-equip new wards and day rooms within the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield.



Sean Bean attends the Beckham's World Cup Party


Stars Sir Elton John, Ant and Dec, the Spice Girls and the England Squad will be among the 400 guests at the Japanese-themed

bash in the garden of the Beckham's Hertfordshire home.


ITV1's payments will go to the NSPCC children's charity. The network's entertainment controller Claudia Rosencrantz said " It promises to be a fantastic event. This will be the garden party of the summer and ITV1 viewers will get the exclusive inside track of the event. There will be no better way to kick off the start of the World Cup Finals"

The programme will also chart the build-up to the do and feature interviews with the Beckhams.

No expense has been spared by the Beckhams over the World Cup Bash, to be screened at 9pm on May 19th. A Japanese garden is being created in the grounds of the mansion, and 60,000 Orchids have been ordered.

The dress code is white tie and diamonds, and guests will gorge on Sushi and Champagne.


By Jonathan Donald


Sean joins singer and TV host Cilla Black for a glass of Champagne at the Beckham's Party



Picture from OK Magazine (left to right) Sam Taylor Wood, Ray Winstone, Lulu, Sean Bean, OK editor Nic McCarthy,and Stuart Manning



Picture from Hello Magazine.

Sean with Ray Winston and Sue Neal


Enemy of Man Updates

Kickstarter Total: $141,611

Backers: 1,400

Days left: 10



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