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Trailer for Outlaw


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Outlaw screen captures slideshow

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Nick Love on Sean

Is it good to have Sean Bean on board?

Yeah it's good. I talked with Sean about taking one of the lead parts and he was very up for it. He said 'obviously I want to have a look at the script before I commit to it', and so I knew that in December, when I was writing the script and we talked about it. At the end of the day, it was still really good of him to do it because he's fucking – well I know for a fact, because we're in the same agency – he turned down two million dollar pay-checks and other stuff to do this. But I think it's probably good for him because he's been able to express himself. Whereas the films he does in America, he gets lots of money and lots of nice variety, but it's just like 'do this, do that'. I don't know what he's like outside of this job but he comes to work everyday with a smile on his face and he loves it. And he's not got any special treatment.


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New Official site: Outlaw

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OUTLAW Trailer

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When the law fails the people, the people become outlaws. Such is the premise of Nick Love's appropriately titled new feature "Outlaw," about a group of citizens who, tired of and disappointed by the way their government handles crime, take matters into their own hands and right the wrongs of society through vigilante justice. The film, which stars Bob Hoskins as "a policeman who is sick of it and who is giving information to the outlaws" and Sean Bean, draws from documented stories of similar incidents throughout England. Hoskins sees the story as an affirmation of community spirit in the face of rising crime. "People feel laws are going soft," the "Hollywoodland" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" star declared. "In the old days, in a community, people knew each other, they protected each other. Nowadays people get beaten up for their pension book. We should look after each other." ...



The Movie Outlaw is written and directed by Nick Love, who has also directed the films Goodbye Charlie Bright, The Football Factory and The Business.  The film is due to be released in the summer of 2007.

During a break in filming the actors from the movie Outlaw, took time out to say how grateful they were to the council for helping arrange filming in the area at such short notice - and that they would love to shoot in Gloucester again. 

Council Webmaster, John Arnold, and Communications Officer Will Conaghan were given an hour's notice after receiving a phone call from the production company with directions of where the movie was being shot.

On arrival they were the ushered into a film crew bus before being escorted to a warehouse where minutes later Bean and his co-stars broke from filming to field questions to a select pack of journalists.

The three stars were really down to earth, and only too happy to talk to us about how much they have enjoyed filming in Gloucester and the surrounding area.

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