Other Performances

Sean Yorkshire Man of the Year 2002   Yorkshire Awards 

Sean presenting a Southbank Award  Southbank Award  

Sean presenting at the BAFTA  in February 2003 BAFTA  

Sean a a guest in the tv show Thank God It's Friday ! Broken Noses

The Island Spanish interview caps

Interviews and Documentary on FP : Flightplan

Some caps from a TV Interview on Macbeth : Macbeth

Caps from Miscellanous Interviews : Misc   additions !

Caps from an interview on GMTV for Troy : Troy

Caps from an interview on Richard Harris in "The Field"  :  click here

The Vicar of Dibley 1999, television :  Vicar of Dibley

Sean's cameo appearance on Moby's videoclip "We're all made of Stars":  Moby

Sean voicing Martin Septim in the video game Oblivion: the Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Caps from the Making Off vid for E D : Extremely Dangerous

Some caps from the This Morning Interview : This Morning


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