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A touching Brit TV drama and Sean Bean plays a perfect geek,

Is there anything this man cannot play? After making as vast a collection of his work as possible, the answer is a resounding, "NO!" Sean Bean, plays a school teacher with glasses and boring clothes (well, there had to be something to cover up his good looks) who has a chubby mate, and they together take part in historical re-enactments on the weekends. Sound boring? NOPE, and it isn't as Bean morphs even physically in his walk and posture to become a school teacher who still lives at home, cannot make life decisions, but is NOT so geeky that he doesn't fancy a girl, can put up a fight, and proves that indeed there is a real man in there. It is that fine line that Bean takes and gives this character real life and breath. He makes the teacher live, makes him incredibly real, and yet does not make him pathetic. The teacher is a man, and not a complete loser, as no one is, but darn few actors could pull off such a balance with this delicate material, but he does. He always makes you care and get involved. From lover to villain, to hero, to geek, Sean Bean can do absolutely anything and everything on a screen. Simply the best actor around.

Source: IMDB Review

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