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World Premiere Screenings Q&A: ABC Studios' "Missing"

Filming in Istanbul

Sean has arrived in Istanbul for 20 days shooting. Some pictures arriving at the Palazzo Donizeti Hotel.


Tweet from Ashley Judd

Our cast read thru was on top floor w/ breathtaking views of Prague. Powerful emotions, exciting plots, wonderful actors, European views... 

Had an invigorating day, cast read through of 4 episodes of "Missing." Those scripts are smokin'! Brilliant cast. I am pinching myself.

"Missing" on ABC, premiere date forthcoming. Enjoying getting to know Cliff Curtis, Sean Bean, Adriano Giannini, Keith Carradine.

Production has begun


Production has begun in Europe on "Missing," ABC's highly anticipated new drama series starring Ashley Judd ("Double Jeopardy," "Kiss the Girls"). Exotic locations and thrilling twists will keep viewers riveted in this story of a mother whose son suddenly disappears while studying abroad, and of the surprising events that reveal just how far she'll go to find him and bring him back home. The series will begin with 10 episodes, and comes from writer Gregory Poirier ("National Treasure: Book of Secrets") and executive producers Gina Matthews and Grant Scharbo ("The Gates").

How far would you go to save the only thing you have left in the world? After CIA Agent Paul Winstone (Sean Bean, "Game of Thrones") was murdered, his wife, Becca (Judd), and their son, Michael, struggled to rebuild their lives. Now, 10 years later, Michael goes missing under suspicious circumstances, and Becca will do anything it takes to find him.

From the time Michael was just 8 years old and witnessed his father's death, Becca has been overprotective. But she couldn't say no to Michael's amazing opportunity to study in Rome. Just a few weeks into his trip, however, Michael disappears. Becca flies to Rome for answers, but no one takes her seriously -- so she takes matters into her own hands. Becca isn't just a mother looking for her son; both she and Michael's father were CIA agents, so whoever took Michael has messed with the wrong mother. Still, if Becca wants to find her son alive, it will take all of her resourcefulness, skill and determination, and she'll have to rely on old friends and reopen old wounds. But a mother's love knows no limits.

"Missing" stars Ashley Judd as Becca Winstone, Sean Bean as Paul Winstone, Nick Eversman ("Cinema Verite") as Michael Winstone, Cliff Curtis ("Trauma") as Dax, Adriano Giannini ("Oceans Twelve") as Giancarlo and Tereza Voriskova ("Borgia") as Oksana.

"Missing" is produced by ABC Studios. The pilot was written by Gregory Poirier, who is also an executive producer along with Gina Matthews, Grant Scharbo, Steve Shill ("Dexter") and James Parriott ("Sons of Anarchy"). Shill, an Emmy winner for directing "Dexter," will direct many of the episodes for "Missing."

News on 'Missing'

'Game of Thrones' star Sean Bean goes 'Missing' with ABC

  Sean Bean is trading one brand of intrigue for another.

The "Lord of the Rings" actor, who stars in HBO's upcoming "Game of Thrones" has taken a role opposite Ashley Judd in ABC's series "Missing."

The show centers on Judd's character, who travels to Europe to track down her missing 18-year-old son; it becomes apparent rather quickly that she's not just a concerned mom, but also a former CIA agent. Bean will play her late husband, who appears in flashbacks, Deadline reports. ABC has already ordered 10 episodes of the series from writer Greg Poirier ("National Treasure: Book of Secrets," "Gossip").

Bean plays Lord Eddard Stark in "Game of Thrones," which premieres April 17 on HBO. His other credits include the "Red Riding" trilogy, "Flightplan" and the first "National Treasure."Zap 2 it


Sean to co-star in ABC series Plot

Sean Bean is set to co-star opposite Ashley Judd in ABC's action series Missing. It centers on Becca Winstone (Judd), a devoted single mom who, after her 18-year-old son disappears in Italy, takes it upon herself to travel to Europe and track him down. It soon becomes clear that Winstone is a former CIA agent who will stop at nothing to bring her son home alive. Bean will play the regular character of Becca's husband Paul, who was blown up in front of his son but will appear throughout the series in flashbacks. Bean segues to Missing, which will begin filming soon in Prague, from HBO's Game of Thrones. He starred on the first season of the fantasy series, playing Eddard Stark.

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