Life is Feudal


New Voiceover for PC game "Life is Feudal

"Life is Feudal" is an Unique Sandbox MMORPG.

Period. Full stop. 

Firstly, it is because its combination of features is unique and can not be found in any game all at once.

Secondly it is, because LiF has its own unique features like mini-games, formations, personalised alchemy, hunger and cooking systems as well as other features that can not be found in any other games yet.

Many players like to compare our game to other sandbox or themepark games helping them get a grasp on some of the gameplay aspects. We want to assist you in that matter, so...

LiF is ... ... like Wurm Online

in terms of free terraforming of the surface and tunnel building underground. 


  • LiF's tunnelling system is 100% 3-Dimensional. Making a tunnel passing above or under another tunnel won't make a shaft like it does in Wurm leaving both tunnels intact and perfectly solid without any shafts.
  • LiF's free-building system allows placement of pre-modelled buildings with a free rotation angle that results in less "blocky" settlement layouts.
  • And do not forget about other numerous game features ;)