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Sean has been set by Warner Bros for a starring role in Jupiter Ascending, which Lana and Andy Wachowski will direct as their next film. Bean will play Stinger, a Han Solo-type character written older than co-star Channing Tatum. He joins Eddie Redmayne,Tatum and Mila Kunis.

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Press Pics August 2015
LA Premiere - Graumann's Chinese Theatre 2nd Feb 2015
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Twitter Feed 30/01/2015 (with Thanks to Donna @ Sean Bean Fans)
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Sean Arrives LAX 29/01/2015

New Pics 16/01/15

USA Premiere - 2nd Feb Graumann's Chinese Theatre

UK Premiere - To Be Announced

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New BTS Video and Pics (08/01/2015)


Cast pictures

First cast pictures.. Click for full size



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Filming has started!

Filming has started on April 24th, in Ely's Cathedral in Cambridgeshire, UK. Some on set picturest, click for full size


Ely's Cathedral interior


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