Esau (Sean Bean) is the first born, the hunter, provider and the opposite in personalities to his brother Jacob.

Esau agrees go forego the birthright of the firstborn, his inheritance, to his brother Jacob, for a dish of porridge!! Esau has just returned from a successful hunting trip, providing enough meat for the tribe for a week, and is hungry for the porridge that Jacob is preparing for a young child who is ill. Esau has to swear to pass his birthright to his brother for the dish of porridge.

Encouraged by his mother, Jacob steals his brother's blessing from their dying and almost blind father. Esau upon realizing what has been done is very angry and promises that upon his fathers death, and once his father has been properly mourned, Jacob will die the next day.

Jacob is sent away to his Uncle Laban with a dowry to enable him to take one of his uncle’s daughters as a bride. However he is robbed on the journey and arrives penniless and exhausted. Laban has two daughters, and it is with the youngest, Rachel that Jacob falls in love. In lieu of a dowry Jacob must work for Laban for 7 years to win the hand of Rebecca.

However Laban and the tribe see that God is with Jacob and that everything he touches flourishes. They are reluctant for him to leave their settlement, and Laban orchestrates the ultimate deceit. Jacob is unknowingly wed to the eldest daughter, and must work a further 7 years to with the hand of Rebecca.

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The biblical tale of Jacob is, more than anything, a story about love--a frustratingly delayed love that is powerfully redemptive in the end. And it is a story of one man's unwavering faith in his God despite the deception, betrayal and cruelty he often endures. Starring Matthew Modine in the title role and Lara Flynn Boyle as his beloved Rachel, JACOB aired on TNT in 1994 as the second film of The Bible Series.

The younger son of Isaac (son of Abraham), Jacob must leave Canaan as a young man to escape the wrath of his older brother Esau (convincingly portrayed by Sean Bean) after Jacob tricks his father into giving him his final paternal blessing.

This one deed sets into motion the many trials and tribulations Jacob faces, most especially at the hands of Rachel's father. But Jacob not only survives these tests, he prospers. And when he finally understands he must return to Canaan with his wives and children, it is on this journey he is able to make things right with his brother Esau. Not through the sword but through his faith, love and understanding of God.

Directed by Sir Peter Hall and written by Lionel Chetwynd, JACOB features an international cast including Sean Bean, Irene Pappas, Giancarlo Giannini and Joss Ackland. Shot on location in Morocco, the sets, costumes and make-up lend an unsurpassed authenticity to the film.

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