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By Adam Lee Potter

IT'S enough to make Superman reach for the Kryptonite. His beloved Lois Lane locked in a drug-fuelled clinch with Batman.

Gorgeous Kate Bosworth, who plays straight-laced reporter Lois in the summer's blockbuster Superman Returns, set the screen alight in no-holds-barred sex scenes with Batman Forever star Val Kilmer.

The pair greedily snort cocaine before romping in a dimly-lit bathroom. Val, 46, strips and hoists Kate - who leaves little to the imagination in white cowgirl boots - on to a marble basin before indulging in some steamy action.

But the Man of Steel can rest easy in his blue tights. The raunchy session was strictly for the cameras. Val and Kate starred together in Wonderland, a 2003 biopic of over-endowed porn star John Holmes.

Kate clearly made an impression on Kilmer, who gushed: "I am a romantic by nature, so it wasn't difficult to imagine falling for her."

A film insider added: "Their scenes together were so electric that the bathroom mirror steamed up. It was hard to believe they were acting. Poor old Lois Lane wouldn't have known where to look."

But Kate, 23, who stars opposite hunky newcomer Brandon Routh in the new Superman movie, has long had a penchant for superheroes. Her A-list boyfriend is Lord Of The Rings and Pirates Of The Caribbean pin-up Orlando Bloom.

She fell for the 29-year-old Brit four years ago when they filmed an ad for Gap clothing.

But their blossoming careers have put huge stress on the relationship - and they have broken up and got back together several times.

Orlando spent long periods in the Bahamas shooting the two sequels to Pirates Of The Caribbean.

And Kate, who lives in LA, has been in Sydney, Australia, shooting the Superman film.

The stunning actress - who modelled her portrayal of Lois on movie-great Katherine Hepburn, saying: "Hepburn is a great model for how I see Lois: strong but fragile," - has had to be similarly tough.

The couple split for four months last year after Orlando was snapped out with Sienna Miller and old flame Kirsten Dunst. Kate told friends she was fed up with her lover spending too much time with male chums, including hellraiser Sean Bean.

But Orlando won Kate back by booking them both into a £3,000-a-night bungalow at Hollywood's ultra-exclusive Chateau Marmont Hotel before buying her a £60,000 diamond sparkler in a London shopping spree - prompting rumours that the two are set to wed.

One source said: 'They were picking out engagement rings and Kate was trying them on. They popped into lots of the flash jewellers on New Bond Street, but they were in Bulgari and Van Cleef & Arpels for the longest period.

"They had huge smiles on their faces and were kissing and cuddling. It looks like Kate is about to be Mrs Bloom. There is little doubt that they are poised to name the day."

Certainly, Orlando couldn't be more pleased. He admitted: "I'm really happy. She's a beautiful girl, a beautiful person and we are having a great time together."

The dedicated ladies' man is clearly keen to settle down at last. He added: "At some point I will get married and have kids."

Pals say he was desperate to convince Kate - the star of cult surfing flick Blue Crush - that she couldn't live without him. One said: "Orlando's determined to keep Kate this time. He got swallowed up in Hollywood life but finally realised nothing makes him happier than curling up to Kate on the sofa."

Kate, who found overnight fame at 14 starring alongside Kristin Scott Thomas and Robert Redford in The Horse Whisperer, adds coyly: "Of course I would like a family of my own. One day." And she now plans to set up home with Orlando in Australia.

"I love my partner more than my career," she says. "And I loved Australia. I went there and thought, 'I would love to raise children here'."

She is at pains to play down her femme-fatale image, saying: "I'm more of a jeans and T-shirt, bit of moisturiser, bit of ChapStick, ready-to-go kind of girl. I would like to settle down on a farm."

The £100million new Superman epic, which premieres in Britain on July 14 - just a week after Orlando's Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - has already opened in the States to rave reviews.

And Kate's clearly got the Krypton Factor. In a recent online poll, she was voted the sexiest-ever Lois Lane - beating Desperate Housewife Teri Hatcher, who played Lois in the US TV series, and Christopher Reeve's sidekick Margot Kidder.

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