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Shown in three parts on UK TV in December, 1993, A Woman's Guide to Adultery, tells the story of four women, each of whom is involved in an adulterous affair. Each of the four woman are also trying to break free of the affairs, and the deceit they have to live with and practice.


Rose (Theresa Russell), disapproves of extra-marital affairs. She believes that affairs go again her own 11th Commandment, of not hurting another woman. Rose would never hurt another woman for the sake of a man.

 However when she goes back to university she meets Paul (Sean Bean) her lecturer, and the sexual attraction between them becomes too strong to resist.  Suddenly Ros finds that she has become a mistress with a guilty conscience - sex in the afternoon, secret meetings in quite bars, waiting by the phone and wishing his wife would let him go - breaking her own 11th Commandment.



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