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 Q. How much fun is it to play a Bond villain?

Sean Bean: I love it. It's more fun to play the bad guy. 006 was such an interesting character and the film really explored his friendship with Bond and how it all went wrong, so it was a very personal journey for both characters. And to quell the rumors, I never auditioned for the role of Bond.

Q. What's the coolest thing about playing a villain?

SB: A bad guy has to have unpredictability. You have to be able to make the audience sympathize with your character without being cheesy. I like playing intelligent bad guys. They have to have an agenda. Plus, I do think there's something sexy about them. They're driven, passionate,edgy. It's quite seductive for a character to achieve all that.

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Audio Files

Hello James Files/hello.mp3

You're supposed to die for me Files/dieforme.mp3

James and I shared everything... absolutely everything Files/everything.mp3

Closing time, James Files/closingtime.mp3

You might even learn to like me Files/learn.mp3

You'll like it where we go.. Files/likeit.mp3

By the way.. I did think of asking you to join my little scheme Files/scheme.mp3

Take a seat my dear Files/seat.mp3

To the victor go the spoils Files/spoils.mp3

Trust... what a quaint idea Files/trust.mp3

Wall Files/wall.mp3


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Alec''s scar being applied in make-up.



Trailer for Goldeneye

Goldeneye Production notes

These are the production notes of Goldeneye, I bought recently on Ebay.Please do not repost without credit. Click thumbs to enlarge.



Database: Alec Trevelyan

Name: Alec Trevelyan (Janus and 006)  
Hair: Brown 
Citizenship: Russian 
Assumed Dead 

Same as James, Alec was an orphan. But his parents didn't die in a climbing accident. They were Lienz Cossacks who, after the clod war, went to England hoping for sympathy. Instead, they were sent back to Stalin to be shot. But they were lucky and got away. 

Not being able to live with the shame of being traitors, they committed suicide.

Alec was taken in by MI6  when he was about six. They thought he wouldn't  remember what happened to his parents. He did, and betrayed MI6 and his best friend.

When Bond found Alec's new base, they got into a fight taking them to the top of the giant satellite dish. Bond managed to get Alec to fall from the satellite to the ground. Then the satellite fell, too.


 (Alec tells Bond about how he didn't really die nine years before and how he has a scar) 
 Bond: "Hence: Janus, the two-faced Roman god come to life." 
 Alec: "God didn't give me this face, you did. Setting those timers for three minutes instead of six." 
 Bond: "Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?" 
 Alec: "No, you're supposed to die for me."


  "Closing time, James. Buy me a pint!"

  "Why can't you just be a good boy and die?"

  "See you in hell, James!" 


Alec Trevelyan collectible figure


Goldeneye Bonus Features caps

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Many thanks to lady_trevelyan  who allowed me to use all her scans.

This is a Goldeneye comic. The planning was to release three of them, but it stopped after this first issue.

It's a wonderful collector's item !


Goldeneye trading cards



This morning lady_trevelyan posted this on Live Journal :

I just got the script for the movie off eBay ( the real one this time, not a printout of a faulty transcript widely available on the net! ) and there are a couple of things that didn't make it to the movie. Also, I've had for quite some time ( years, actually! ) the book "The making of Goldeneye" which has a couple of Bean pics ( possibly Brosnan pics too ) that are rarely seen on the net.

Since then she posted scans from the things she found on Alec Trevelyan (Sean) and gave me her kind permission to show them here. Thank you so much for that ! Click twice to enlarge.

This first batch of scans is from "The Official GoldenEye Collector's Magazine". 


These scans come from the book "The Making of GoldenEye" by Garth Pearce.




Alec Trevelyan 006
(Sean Bean)

Character: Alec Trevelyan 006
Actor: Sean Bean
Movie: GoldenEye
Age: Mid 30's
Appearence: The unseen face behind the Janus crime syndicate, Trevelyan remained unknown for years. When Bond eventually discovers the truth he find his former associate stricken with extensive facial scars.
Status: Terminated

British spy turned Russian Mafia head, Alec Trevelyan once worked for MI6 as 006, but defected to a life of crime during a mission with 007 in a Russian nerve gas fActory. The son of Cossacks, his parents dead, he felt betrayed and rejected by his adopted homeland, and blames Bond for facial scars sustained in an earlier mission. Nine years later, he masterminds a villainous plan to rob the Bank of England of huge amounts of cash before destroying the nation's capital with the GoldenEye satellite. His downfall is engineered and executed ruthlessly by Bond.

Most memorable quote:
"I might as well ask you if all those vodka martinis drown out the screams of the men you've killed, or if you find forgiveness in the arms of all those willing women for the dead ones you failed to protect."


Previously a double-O agent and friend of Bond, when a mission to destroy the Arkhangelsk chemical warfare facility in the late 1980s backfired Bond watched as Trevelyan was executed by Soviet Colonel Ourumov and believed Trevelyan to be dead. Trevelyan however survived the shooting and explosion and discovered that he was the son of Leniz Cossacks. Trevelyan learnt that the Leniz Cossacks were working for the Nazi's against Stalin during World War Two until they surrendered to the British in Austria, believing they would join the British and wage war against the Communists. Instead the British promptly sent them back to Stalin where they were shot. Trevelyan's parents survived the slaughter, but his father couldn't bear the shame and guilt and, after killing his wife committed suicide. Trevelyan then became a ward of England raised to be a secret agent for the country that he believes to be responsible for the death of his parents. After the Arkhangelsk incident, feeling betrayed and rejected from his adopted homeland, Trevelyan began working for the Russians. Nine years later, having defected to a life of crime and established himself as the mysterious Janus, aided by a Russian general, he began to work for himself exporting arms, nuclear technology, weapons, and training out of Russia to third world countries. However, hatred remained strong in Trevelyan as the purpose of his life focused on exacting his revenge on England.


Trevelyan's plan was to rob the Bank of England of huge amounts of money before destroying the nation's capital with the Russian weapon, the GoldenEye satellite. Trevelyan's computer experts would transfer millions of pounds out of the Bank of England computers before setting off the GoldenEye electro magnetic pulse that will wipe out all electrical communications within a 30 mile radius of the blast. In order to accomplish this goal, that will in part be his revenge on the government he blames for killing his parents, Trevelyan builds up a criminal empire and goes into partnership with Russian general Ourumov. However, Bond is led to Treveylan via a stolen helicopter and eventually puts an end to Trevelyan's scheme by destroying his computer systems and then defeating him in a fight atop a huge satellite dish.


Trevelyan's extensive criminal organisation and ability to remain the anonymous force behind many depraved and evil schemes means he has places from which he commands his syndicate. Among them are a luxurious train used in the Cold War to command troops, revamped to control his operations and secured for escape should the necessity arise. He also has a major base of operations in the Cuban jungle. Hidden under a lake is a massive satellite dish from which he can control the GoldenEye satellite to beam down its mayhem onto its target.



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