Sean Bean on Football Heaven

Handsworth and Hollywood heartthrob Sean Bean visited the BBC in his hometown to appear on Radio Sheffield's Football Heaven programme.

Famous for his roles as Lieutenant Richard Sharpe, a staring role opposite Harrison Ford as an Irish terrorist in Patriot Games - International villain Alec Trevelyan in GoldenEye, and recently Boromir in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Sean Bean is undoubtedly an international star.

The actor has come a long way from his boyhood years, growing up in the Handsworth district of Sheffield. Despite his international pull he's continually inspired by his love for football and his club, Sheffield United. Bean is well known for his "100% Blade" tattoo and realised a boyhood dream of playing for Sheffield United, albeit in the not so critically acclaimed 'When Saturday Comes' as footballer Jimmy Muir.

Despite spending a lot of time on sets abroad the actor does his best to stay in touch with going's on at the Lane via Radio Sheffield. He recalled one occasion in India where he filmed the latest series of Sharpe: "We were in Rajasthan in a cobblers... we were right out in the sticks and it was the only place we could get an internet connection.

"So we had to buy about eight pairs of shoes and he said 'now you can use the internet' [laughs]. So we were sat around all these shoes listening to you [Paul Walker] and Keith Edwards. "I listen to Radio Sheffield even when the match is not on, with computers now you can put Radio Sheffield on so we listen to it in the morning... and Football Heaven, I always listen between six and seven... it's brilliant."

Historian Other than being on the director's board at the club Bean's latest involvement with the Blades is in publishing 'Sheffield United: The Biography'. A book which tells the story of the social history of the Blades, covering a substantial 150 year period.

 "In a great city like Sheffield, an equal to any place in the world that calls itself a soccer hotbed, the club you support is rarely a matter of choice," said Bean. "Support is passed from generation to generation. My granddad was a Blade, my dad a Blade - there was no way I was going to end up at Hillsborough, was there?"

On this page you can listen to the radio intervuew, scroll down to the bottom :

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