Meeting Sean

Some people have been lucky enough to meet Sean. Did you meet him too ? Do you want to share ? Let me know and send me your report/pics.

Royal Television Society Awards

 Ayshea Donaldson (Facebook) attended the event, met Sean and had pictures taken with him.

Monaco 2011

Jamie (Allstars Online) met Sean in Monaco whilst promoting A Game of Thrones. She gave me kind permission to post these pictures.

Another fan meeting Sean

nita, a German fan of Sean for years, went to London for a few days with her husband. They met Sean and he allowed them to take a few pictures . Anita emailed me, offering to share her pictures.

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Recent picture of Sean filming Missing

Darina is from Slovakia and has kindly allowed me to post this picture of her with Sean


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Pictures of Sean

Made by SeansRose on Bramall Lane November 14th. Please note these pictures are copyrighted by SeansRose and even though she kindly permitted me to show them here, they are not to be posted on other websites or fanpages.


Bean for dinner at Bramall Lane

GUESS who's coming to dinner? Sean Bean, helping out his old mate Steve Cowens.

Steve, reformed football hooligan and author of Blades Business Crew, is organising a dinner in the Platinum Suite at Bramall Lane where the Sheffield-born actor and fanatical Blades fan is guest of honour.

"I've organised dinners before but this is the biggest so far," says Steve, who is charging £45 a head and double that for VIP diners, who get to meet the star.

"He's a very good friend of mine. We go back a long way," says Steve, who is also hoping to persuade Paul Heaton to sing at the dinner on November 14.

Definitely lined up is songstress Stephanie King with Gary Sinclair, the Voice of Bramall Lane, compering the night.

Donna's account of her meeting with Sean.

Here is my account of the event, apologies if I repeat what has already been said

My husband and I travelled up from Norfolk on the train and arrived at Southernbelle's house at lunchtime. We all got ready after lunch (with Sharpe on the TV!) and left for Sheffield at around 5.15. We collected Seansrose from her hotel and made our way to Bramall Lane

We all went up to the bar to have a drink and to wait for the arrival of our 'star'. We went out onto the balcony to look out over the pitch and had a few photos taken and then went back inside. Sean arrived without fanfare or introduction by just slipping through the crowds, I noticed him straight away, well actually I saw Gina first. I couldn't believe my luck; Sean had obviously been reading my dreams because he looked exactly how I wanted him to look!! short hair, a bit of stubble and in a suit with an open white shirt!!!

Sean and Gina went out onto the balcony to look over the pitch and my embarrassing husband shortly followed and spoke to Sean, he then called me and I was introduced to Sean and Gina!!!! I was actually very calm and remember looking at Sean as he shook my hand thinking 'That's Sean Bean!' My husband told him that he came from Spain and he asked him which part and when my hubby said he came from San Sebastian he replied with 'Oh I've been there, for a film festival' my increasingly embarrassing husband went on to thank Sean for 'making my wife so happy!!

We were all given a photo and asked to line up to have it signed. When it came to my turn I went over and shook Sean by the hand again and he signed my photo, I told him how nice it was to meet him at last as I had met all the other chosen men and he was the last ( I know pathetic but I really couldn't think of anything else to say) My husband was taking the photos and said to Sean to give me a kiss, he turned and gave me a cheeky smile and without waiting for a reply I leant forward and kissed him on his left cheek, I couldn't let that opportunity pass now could I?

We went downstairs to eat our meal. We were sitting at table 5 which was two tables away from Sean's table. We had cream of cauliflower soup, which was lovely, Chicken on a sort of mashed potato cake with gravy and mushrooms and it was followed by a raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake.

There were two quizzes, We had two sheets of paper with spaces for 20 answers for each quiz. The first was to name past or present players or managers of Sheffield United or Sheffield Wednesday. We didn't answer any of those. Yes I know we could have put Tony curry but it looked a bit pathetic. The second quiz was to name films, voice over's and TV shows that Sean had been in, we had 'got to 31 when we thought that we were being asked to return the sheets, as it turned out we had another 5 minutes so we could have come up with more. The host thought it was amazing and commented that he had got a list containing 31 answers and it included films that even Sean had forgotten about. He commented that one of Sean's friends had been keen to win the prize and so had asked Sean to fill in the list. Sean got 20!!  Our list was passed to Sean for him to look at and all thought it was quite amusing. We won an Outlaw DVD which we later got signed and has been given to 'The Boss' (yay, that's me!)as a thank you for making the evening possible by enabling us to all meet in the first place!

For entertainment we had a singer (not great) who told him mid show that she was one of his biggest fans! and then later we had a comedian (dire, offensive misogynist!) there were photo opportunities for the people that hadn't bought VIP tickets and he signed a few more things that people had bought.

Sean left at around 12.30 again without fanfare, he slipped out as quietly as he arrived. He didn't get up to dance, but Gina did. They looked very happy together, laughing and chatting and she sat on his knee during the comedian.

A lovely evening that still doesn't feel very real to me and I keep wishing I had made more of my precious 2 minutes with him but who knows, maybe next time!!!


An evening with Sean Bean in Bramall Lane! Four lucky TMB members managed to get VIP tickets; Southernbelle, Donnadoobie, SeansRose and Phnranson had a meet and greet with Sean and the time of their life. For now a few pictures, as Donna, SeansRose and Southernbelle gave me kind permission to show here. Reports and hopefully more pictures will follow.

Please note that these pictures are not to be posted elsewhere without the consent of the owners.

SeansRose pictures, click for full size

Southernbelle's pictures: Click for full size

Donna's picrures: Click for full size



Natalie and her boyfriend Pete were at the studio when Sean was a guest in Soccer AM. Sean posed with them and Natalie took a picture of Sean with the Kaiser Chiefs. She kindly allowed me to show the pictures. Click thumbs for full size.



James kindly allowed me to put this picture up on the website, this is what he told about it: I met him in Gloucester during the filming of Outlaw, I was studying film at the local college and the arranged it for us to be able to stay on the set and watch the filming. Click thumb for large image


Matt came across Sean on Bramall Lane. and gave me permission to share the picture. Click thumb for full size.




Paula Adey met Sean on the National Treasure premiere and gave me her kind permission to show it here. Click thumb for full size


Four lovely pictures of Sean in the Broomhill Friery. Photographs courtesy of Olivia Lightfoot ! [ ]



Sean re-visited his nephew's Fish & Chips shop (scroll down for May 2007 pictures 1) on October 1. The BBC has a video on the website of an interview with him. Thanks to Pudge a few screencaps.



Three more great pictures sent to me by the lovely Mandy


Mandy's meetings

Fortunately Mandy has allowed me to show her pictures with Sean here, on two different occasions. First of all read the article on Sean and Mandy's adorable grandson Kai, to explain what happened. Mandy had met Sean before (was even kissed by him) on the opening of the Handsworth Recreation Ground. Then Sean suddenly was on her doorstep with a bag full of Blades goodies for Kai (article !), and she even made it being Sean's special guest at the National Treasure premiere in London, and had a drink with him afterwards. Click the thumbs for fullsized pictures.

First the article


LITTLE Kai Nesbitt is the happiest boy in Sheffield after making friends with Hollywood heartthrob Sean Bean.
Kai, who has cerebral palsy, was dumbstruck when Sean paid him a surprise visit at home.
But Kai's grandmother Mandy Nesbitt says the four-year-old quickly got over his initial shock and now can't stop talking about Sean!
Mandy, aged 46, said: "Kai thinks they are best friends now and wants to invite Sean to his birthday party next week!"
Mandy, who is a big fan of the Sheffield actor, paid ¿850 at the Help a Hallam Child Auction for two tickets to the premiere of Sean's latest film National Treasure.

After watching the film in London's Leicester Square she was taken to a plush hotel where she met Sean and told him about Kai, a pupil at Stradbroke Infants School.

Mandy said: "I told him Kai was a big fan of his and he signed Kai's England football shirt.
"I told Sean that although Kai has cerebral palsy and needs splints to walk he does not class himself as a poorly child.
"He collects his own money for poorly boys and girls. Even though I would class him as a child who needs help he does not think he is one of them.

"I explained to Sean that Kai has already had some operations and will have more in the future, but he is so brave."
Three weeks later Kai was at home with his mum Jaclyn, two-year-old sister Caitlin, and Mandy when an unexpected visitor arrived.
Mandy, who lives next door to her 27-year-old daughter in Woodthorpe, said: "It must have been about 7.45pm when there was a knock at the door and Sean was there with a big bag of goodies for Kai.

"I couldn't believe it and Kai was speechless, which is saying something because normally he never shuts up!
"Jaclyn couldn't believe she had a Hollywood star in her house!"

Sean had been to watch his beloved Blades play and dashed from Bramall Lane to see Kai, even though he was already late for another appointment.
Sean's gifts to Kai included a football programme from the match, a signed Sheffield United shirt, a Blades bear and a pennant signed by all the footballers and Neil Warnock.

Mandy said: "He takes the stuff with him everywhere and tells everybody what has happened. Before meeting Sean, Kai supported England and Newcastle or anyone who was winning. Now he is the biggest Blades fan around!
"And now Kai says that when Sean gets too old to be in films he is going to be the next Sean Bean!"
Mandy added: "I could not believe it. Sean was only in the city for 20 hours so for him to take the time to come and see Kai was amazing. He has made such a difference to Kai.

"Kai is writing him a thank-you letter and making him a Blades bracelet out of beads. Sean has made him very happy.
"I spoke to Sean the next day and couldn't find the words to thank him for what he had done. He told me he had enjoyed it and said Kai was a 'lovely little fella'."

Pictures enhanced by Martina !


SeansRose meeting

SeansRose from Germany was there when Sean received his Honorary Doctorate at Sheffield University. She kindly allowed me to show her pictures here, with a little comment by herself.


Here we made eye contact and he gave me a smile - I smiled back and threw him a kiss - he is gorgeous, his hands, his eyes, his smile.


And before you ask - No, I did'n't faint ! My knees were weak, my heart beat like a drum, but I stood firm on my feet, and enjoyed every second of this unforgettable moment !



Lasi's Sean sighting.

Lasi is a lovely forum member and friend. She's lucky enough to live in Chicago, where the filming of  'The Root of All Evil' takes place. Aside from being lovely she's also a very determined girl, so she just went for it. Read her fun report here.


Yup. It could only happen here and to me, folks. It’s an odd thing. I think I’m charmed in certain ways; cursed in others. What I mean is, whenever I have wanted something in my life; I mean REALLY wanted something, I’ve always found a way to make it happen. The upside is, sometimes I feel better than most people ever have the privilege of feeling. The downside is that it always comes with a price. It’s usually something with which I’m not entirely willing to part. Be it my freedom, my security, my sanity… whatever. I’m going to have to come off the hip if I’m going to get what I want. I’m used to it. Or at least inured to it.

I came to The Mighty Bean looking for information for something I wanted. I wanted to write a screenplay in which the main-character... well I'm not gonna tell ya that because I'd spoil my own surprise

In any event, I was VERY nervous. I didn’t know anyone on this board, except Govi who graciously invited me to come and gather whatever info I needed. I fell in love with you girls. I always had a big and inexcusable crush on Sean Bean but the more I hung around here, the more I learned about him and how much I genuinely liked him, which is more than just lusting after someone, the more I felt I truly wanted to know him. There are a lot of people I find attractive. However, there are very few that honestly attract me. You know what I mean.

I guess I just find it odd, incredible, miraculous that nine months after I found the balls to join this board and develop my weakness/fixation, it came to light that Sean Bean was going to be in my city filming a movie for six weeks. It sent me into a tizzy I haven’t felt since *%^$ years ago when someone told me that Jim *&^inson had a crush on me and was going to ask me to the prom.

I thought about it a lot. The simple fact that he would be standing under the same sun, would curse the same damn, strange weather changes, would likely feel sleepy at the same time I did and that the gust of wind that made him squint might find its way into my disheveled hair gave me a strange satisfaction that can be understood only by you, my lovelies. I know you get it, so I don’t feel the need to elaborate further.

I knew that he was near. I’d heard about it from… friends? I said to myself, I said, “Self, WTF! You’re a chicken-shit and it’s a well-known fact. Now it’s time to pick up the remnants of you ovaries and just go and look. I don’t want to frighten him. I just want to… FRIGHTEN him. You know what I’m sayin’.

In any event, I went to lunch with my amazing, gorgeous, sweet and exceedingly tolerant husband and THE TRUCKS, LIGHTS, AND PEOPLE were there!!!
I told him, “You know I’m going to have to go and have a look.” He said, “Yup. I know, but you’re certainly not going alone.” He is a smart, smart man.

Therefore, after we had lunch at the Lincoln Restaurant (affectionately known as the “stinkin’ Lincoln” around these parts) we had a little walk-ee-poo. The side of the street where they were shooting was blocked off, so we went to the other side. As we were approaching the site where all of the people were standing and gawking at the scene Johnny asked me, “Do you really think he might be here?” I answered,

ME:  Yes.
J:  Really?
ME:  Yes.
J:  What makes you so sure?
ME:  (Never taking my eyes from my fixation) “Because he’s RIGHT THERE.”
J:  WHERE???
ME:  There!
J:  Point!
ME:  No.
J:  WHERE???
ME: Horrid, blue suit. *beautiful*
J: Yup. That’s him.
ME: Yup.
J: Oh, shit.
J: Are you okay?
ME: I doubt it.
J: Wanna sit down.
ME: What?... Who??? GHAAAAA…

I saw him sitting in a chair talking to some young guy. They seemed to be having a very engaging conversation. He was smoking. Then he was talking. Then a bus came and blocked my view. I have now written a new bumper-sticker for the Chicago Transit Authority. They usually say: “This bus saves 50 cars on the road per day.” They should say, “This bus inconveniences 50 drivers per day and I've hated you from the start."

I sat down in the window of the bank across the street and watched him work. He is incredible. Even Johnny (who is also an actor; jaded, surly and hates everyone) was impressed with his focus. He was just bullshitting around with this kid thirty seconds before and then suddenly he’s a different man who is about to… I’m… I’m… I’m… speechless. Sort of. :lol:

They shot the scene twice. Ladies… I WATCHED HIM WORK!!! HE WAS 40 FEET AWAY FROM ME AND I DIDN’T FAINT!!! I’m amazing, if I say so myself.

I don’t want to put any spoilers out there, so I won’t say what they were doing in the scene. I think we’re all just going to have to wait until the film comes out to get a real explanation of the scene I saw. Here’s what I will tell you: I saw Sean Bean in a costume that I doubt anyone else has seen him in before and then I saw...

I’ve heard in many circles that he is an ordinary-looking man in person and a star on camera. That is bullshit. He has a light around him that I’ve seen around very few people. Some people have inner-light, some people have light that follows them and some people have no light at all. Sad. I know. In any case, this man is different. I don’t know how else to say it. He is different. I wondered where the light was coming from; if it was artificial; makeup, lighting or simple adrenaline… Whatever. I had no answer until…

After the second take someone said something intimating that it was good. He smiled. Oh, Lord, help me. He smiled and I found the source of the light. I really don’t know what else to say. His light is from his happiness and he is a happy man.

I don’t know if it’s our wholesome, Midwestern air, our incredible restaurants and corn-fed beef, or simply my undeniable bias that’s getting in the way, but he looked healthier than I’ve seen him in awhile. Not as thin or haggard. Calm and focused. Beautiful and… and… well, Bean as Bean.

To bring this back around to the subject I started with, this cost me nothing. No money, no pain, no anxiety (well maybe a little anxiety, but in the best possible way.) Seeing this man doing that voodoo that he do so fucking well, cost me absolutely nothing. All I had to do was show up and be mesmerized by his ineffable gift.

I hope this gives you a good idea of what it was like to watch Sean Bean work. What else can I say? Like I told you, Govi… I am in love; deeply, hauntingly, terminally, and eternally in love. Thank you, Sean.

Sarah meeting Sean

Sean opened the Broomhill Friery in Sheffield on Wednesday, 16 May 2007. Sarah met him, read her report here, and look at those lovely pictures. These are Sarah's pictures in small size, read her report and see full size pictures further down.


Read her reprt here..

I MET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it, I'm still in shock!! His sister and brother-in-law have recently bought the chip shop and he was visiting it! It wasn't publicised or anything we just heard through word of mouth! There wasn't really that many people there, but I was screaming and jumping around in the street when he first arrived, then he was signing loads of people's stuff and giving autographs and stuff. Then my sister got her camera and asked if we could have pictures with him, which we did!!!

SEAN BEAN TOUCHED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was sooooooooooo amazing!!!! Then one of the people that were working there asked if they could borrow the camera and they took pictures of Sean Bean with the staff and just behind the counter ON OUR CAMERA and asked us to email them the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in shock still.

It doesn't seem real, I've been waiting literally for years to meet him!!

ALSO, when we came out (after buying some food lol) a few of my friends and I were sitting under the bus stop as it was raining eating our food and he drove by...and as he drove by he rolled down his car window (he was being driven by his nephew) and shouted to us "come to Bramall Lane next season" to which we replied "Okay, I will- I'll see you there" or something to that effect!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (For those who don't know, Bramall Lane is Sheffield United's ground- the football (soccer) team that Sean Bean loves (as featured in When Saturday Comes) and is on the directors' board!!)

I can't believe he recognised us and invited us to Bramall Lane!!!!!!! I feel so special! I love him I am quite determined that I am going to marry him one day I'm still getting over it!

Click twice to enlarge L they are huge ! Sarah is on picture 3, her sister Ruth on picture 4, friends Vin and Johnny on 1 and 2, and on picture 5 we see Sean with his brother-in-law and 2 staff members.


Debbie 'almost' meeting Sean

Read all about Debbie's very funny report on almost meeting Sean !


Almost Meeting Sean


These events occurred way back in the dim and distant days of autumn 2002, when Sean Bean was mainly known in Britain, and then mainly for Sharpe and Lady Chatterley. The post LoTR fame was just kicking in but Viggo and Orlando were the cause of most of the squealing. At least in the sheltered circles I was moving in at the time.

And who was I in those days - a retiring 40-something Sean fan - who rarely came out of the closet, except with one particular friend who humoured me as if I was a rather strange child who liked chewing worms. I was also a Shakespeare bore. And I hadn't yet discovered the joys of the internet for recreational use.

So, when aforementioned friend gleefully told me she'd read Sean was doing Macbeth in the West End I got (understandably) just a teensy bit excited. When I say "teensy bit" I mean enough to bore my friend into a stupor to the point where she bluntly told me to go home and book a ticket.

So I did. For some reason (laziness probably - and I hadn't bothered to check where he was playing or anything else) I called Ticket Master at what was then about midnight and burbled that I simply HAD to get a ticket to see Sean Bean in Macbeth. I had somehow convinced myself it would be fully booked. Why wouldn't it be? Sean - on stage - live - in person - in one of the greatest plays ever written. I was incoherent by the time the slightly bewildered but incredibly patient (and incredibly young sounding) chap at the other end of the phone gently explained he had various options for a Saturday matinee and asked which was my preference. I picked a date a few weeks away so he said he would send my ticket by post. I always feel more secure if I physically have a ticket in my hand. None of this electronic booking and picking it up for me. Something might go wrong. They might not let me in. Every conceivable possible disaster (and some inconceivable ones) might stop me getting to see HIM.

A couple of days later, the ticket arrived and after several hours of sitting stroking the ticket in awe and convincing myself the whole thing was real and was going to happen, I put the priceless object somewhere really safe. BIG MISTAKE!

On the Friday before S & M day (Sean & Macbeth - what were you thinking?) I was worse than useless at work. I wasn't fantasising exactly, just in such a state of anticipation that I couldn't function in any normal real life way. Although I will admit to shaving my legs and digging out a decent pair of knickers - as you do - just in case. In case of what?! I don't think my friend's teasing helped. She demanded that if - for any reason - I wasn't coming home from the theatre I should call and let her know. Because obviously the moment Sean saw me sitting in the audience he would realise I was the woman of his dreams, engineer a meeting and we would never be parted again. Right. Not.

Hardly slept a wink. What should I wear? We're into winter by now and it was cold. My ethnic duffle was hardly flattering but the only option despite not really fitting my ideal of how I wanted to be seen - by Sean.

So anyway, silly early on Saturday morning I get up and spend hours faffing around with my hair (it was long enough to faff in those days) which of course was going to be instantly turned into the less than attractive dragged through a hedge backwards look by the previously mentioned cold wind. I obviously hadn't been a boy Scout or I'd have been more prepared in the practical issues. Because when I went to get the priceless ticket from the very safe place - I couldn't find it. The ticket that is. I knew the place. Or at least I thought I did. It just wasn't there. No amount of hysterically rifling through papers and flinging them all over the floor helped. Blind panic, despair, hysteria, thoughts of suicide - you name it, I went through it. A slightly calmer, methodical search of all possible hiding places ensued - with no result other than renewed blind panic, despair, hysteria, etc.

My brain managed to function enough to give me the idea of phoning the ticket people. This particular organisation obviously sends its staff to a particularly good customer service training for dealing with mad women. The young lady I got hold of was calm, sympathetic and promised to sort everything out for me. I just had to get to the Box Office at least an hour early to make sure I picked up the replacement ticket. For some reason you can't do that in the normal cue for ticket collection.

Slightly calmer after that I drove to the station and caught my train. Although my stomach had millions of very agitated butterflies doing some kind of crazy exercises.

I had by then had the foresight to check which theatre I was heading for which helped. I knew I had plenty of time, but I still rushed from Leicester Square Tube down to the Albery in record time. I really wasn't going to be happy until I had the ****ing ticket in my hot, sweaty, shaky little mitts.

The girl at the box office was young. Why are all these people young? Is it a consipiracy to make dappy women of 40+ feel even more silly? Or is it that like policemen they only seem to be getting younger? Anyhow, age aside, this one hadn't been to the sympathetic school of customer service training. She was one of those who sees you are there and very deliberately finishes whatever she's doing before she acknowledges your presence. Never a good start with me. And particularly not on a day like that. They foyer was empty - apart from this officious young woman and me. I put my face up to the designed to intimidate glass window - probably put there to stop people like me grabbing her by the throat as it happened - and blurted out "I've come for my ticket". Bear in mind by now I am seriously windblown. Hot red and shiny faced from dashing along in the cold wind and coming indoors and my eyes and nose were leaking from the combination of bright winter sunshine, that ****ing cold wind and the warmth of the theatre. Not a pretty sight.

She raised her eyebrows for more information as a man came in through the door, calling back some sort of joke to another guy out on the street. Sounded like they knew each other. And I froze. Total shut down. Inability to function in any capacity let alone grown up. The man was SEAN BEAN. OMFG! I presume I continued breathing because I didn't go blue and pass out. This really was NOT how I was supposed to meet the man who had been the subject of some fairly intimate fantasies for the last 20 years. I rigidly continued to stare at the woman behind the counter not daring to look at Sean for fear of looking even more stupid - like at that point this was possible - even for me.

Sean walked across the foyer passing my back view, which sadly didn't make him realise I was the woman of his dreams, and buzzed rather unnecessarily at a door which I presume lead backstage. I say he buzzed rather unnecessarily because the buzzer rang in the box office. She must have seen him walk up to the door, but instead of letting him in, she then looked across as if she hadn't and waited until he said "Can you let me in please?" So, not only have I seen Sean Bean in the flesh, being himself, but I have now also heard him. Anyhow madam then decides she'd probably better do her job and leans across and releases the door. Sean disappears.

I am left with this woman giving me the most witheringly sympathetic look I've ever been unfortunate enough to receive. It plainly said - you poor sad creature. Get a life. I see him like this every day and it really isn't anything to get excited about. Looking back I wish she's said it out loud so I could have told her she was a silly deluded child and yes, of course it was something to get excited about - seeing Sean Bean.

Anyhow, suffice to say we finally sorted out the ticket fiasco and I got to see the play.

Details - you want more details - duh! My impression was that he looked shorter than I expected in real life although that may have been what he was wearing because he looked taller on stage again, even when he appeared in bare feet. Off duty he was in sneakers and jeans and a really chunky fleece - and he was carrying this black holdall. And at that point he had the REALLY short hair - which I thought was great. It may sound wierd (more wierd??) but he really did look ordinary. I don't mean that in a bad way. In fact it was very endearing. Just Sean, going about his everyday life, on his way into work. He also seemed quite introverted. I guess more because he was on his way to do the play - it wasn't as if there were hoards of people there he was trying to avoid. Just that he was in his own space and it would have felt wrong to intrude - even if I had been in a fit state to do so.

And Sean - well he doesn't know what he so narrowly missed - bless him.

And no - just in case you're wondering - the original ticket never did make a re-appearance amongst the jumble lovingly known as my paperwork drawer.



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