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Q&A with Vincent Regan about the project


EXCLUSIVE for The Mighty Bean has kindly sent us some exclusive BTS stills of Sean and Vincent Regan taken whilst they filmed "Instruments of Darkness"

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NEWS - Enemy of Man Needs Your Help

Vincent Regan needs your help (8th March 2014)

He has enlisted a group called Kickstarter to help raise initial start up funds to ensure private backing for the film. So from 6th March for 1 month you could help by pledging support for some great returns. You can get a copy of the 8 min concept film "The Instruments of Darkness" plus a ton of other goodies

Vincent says:  

We need your support and backing to make this happen.

A film of this scale requires a lot of money and we are tirelessly working to raise the full budget through a combination of pre-sales, tax credits and, of course, Kickstarter.

In order to raise money through pre-sales and secure our private investors we need to show that there is an audience out there hungry to see this film. If we hit, or better still, exceed our target, we will be able to prove that.

So please, even if you aren't able to pledge, you can still join Enemy of Man and help make this happen by tweeting, liking, banging your war drums and telling everyone about it!





Enemy of Man is an adaption of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. A war hero with the lure of ambition and his decent into hell. The project was concieved by Vincent Regan and Vince will also direct the film.

Enemy of Man

A Promo was shot in March this year to show to investors at Cannes. It was shot at Hedingham Castle (see link below)



Screencap from Kickstarter (thanks to Pudge & SeansRose) 


Official Teaser Trailer

Behind The Scenes Photo Album

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TORONTO – U.K. banner Kaleidoscope Film Distribution has struck a deal for worldwide distribution rights to Enemy of Man, a reworking of Shakespearean tragedy Macbeth, which boasts Harry Potter star Rupert Grint as part of the cast. Kaleidoscope will begin pre-sales during the Toronto International Film Festival on the title, which is set to begin filming in January of 2014 and stars Sean Bean as the tragic antihero. Kaleidoscope will also distribute the title in the U.K. Vincent Regan directs this latest version, billed as a retelling of a timeless tale of war, regicide, betrayal and untimely revenge.

"Although 400 years old, Shakespeare’s work feels truly contemporary," Regan said. "An ambitious childless couple; their longing for family replaced by a chilling pursuit of absolute power. Remaining true to its dark heart, we will strip back the dialogue, crank up the action and produce an atmospheric and blood-soaked chiller."
Enemy of Man IMDB page with Sean Bean listed as Macbeth
Enemy of Man, it's a modern version of Macbeth, but maintains elements of tradition too. So they're not setting in 1930's Argentina or anything, it's set in the Scottish Highlands, with all the blood and gore you'd expect. Charles Dance, Rupert Grint, they're in it. Jason Flemying, Stephen Graham, so there are some great actors in it, oh and Sean Bean, he's in it too.

Filming at Hedingham Castle

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Kickstarter Total: $141,611

Backers: 1,400

Days left: 10



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