Here you'll finds the books about Sean or his projects and as much as I can find on his audio books.





Sharpe's Devil by Bernard Cornwell. Read by Sean Bean.


Richard Sharpe believes that his soldiering days are over, but his retirement is interrupted by a request from Donna Louisa for Sharpe to discover the truth about the disappearance of her husband. Sharpe's quest takes him to St Helena and an encounter with Napoleon. This is a tale of loyalty, treachery and bloody battles fought at sea and on land.



Sharpe's Tiger by Bernard Cornwell. Read by Sean Bean.

Seringapatam is an island citadel surrounded by tigers, belonging to the Tippoo of Mysore. The British are keen to remove the Tippoo from power, and Sharpe and a young lieutenant infiltrate the Tippo's forces. However, once inside the citadel Sharpe realizes that catastrophe waits for the British.



King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, by Benedict Flynn. Read by Sean Bean.

British actor Sean Bean has an incredible range of voices and accents, which he uses impeccably to enrich the characters he reads (though all the narrative is done in his lovely native Yorkshire). Morgana le Fay, Lancelot, Elaine, and, yes, Arthur all come to life as one listens.



The Big Game, by Rob Childs. Read bt Sean Bean.

Andrew can't wait to go back to Danebridge School, for this year he is going to play in the school football team. But first he and his younger brother Chris have the chance to prove themselves in the annual Cubs six-a-side tournament. This story is complete and unabridged.


The Big Match, by Rob Childs. Read by Sean Bean.

Andrew and his younger brother, Chris, are going to play a vital cup game against Shenby School. Will they win? This audio cassette contains the complete and unabridged story.



The Way It Was, by Stanley Matthews. Read by Sean Bean.

"I have no regrets about anything I have done in my career or my life. I would have liked my mother and father to be around now to hear all the wonderful and complimentary things people so often say about me because my father would be very proud and my mother would believe them."

It is both sad and fitting that Sir Stanley Matthew's touching biography ended on such a personal note with him thinking, as he so often did, about other people rather than himself.


The Higher Ground Project

The Higher Ground Project was created by former Blue Peter Producer Anuj Goyal as a celebration of how far the child survivors of the Boxing Day Tsunami have come in the last twelve months with the help of your generous donations. The project includes an anthology of short stories, written by famous children's authors, and a special edition audio CD of many of the stories read by well-known celebrities. Proceeds from the Higher Ground Project will help to fund the long-term reconstruction projects of a number of children’s charities in the affected areas.

The higher ground stories are also available as a special limited edition double audio CD packaged with a copy of the book. The CD features readings of many of the stories by Sean Bean, Dawn French, Stephen Fry, Konnie Huq, Val Kilmer, James Nesbitt, Meera Syal and Jamie Theakston. The CD also features music by Nitin Sawhney and the CD/book pack is available for £9.99.

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