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A consignment of SEREX, a biochemical weapon, has been stolen in a complicated and highly technological raid orchestrated by Toombes (Sean Bean) . A team of special forces are sent in to recover it. The team confront the thieves in a daring mid-air action.


When two members of the special forces team are murderered, the man in charge of the recovery mission is faced with assassination by an unknown enemy.


No longer knowing who to trust, the remaining members of the team steal the virus back, and become the quarry of a desperate group of mercenaries.



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Airborne is a science-fiction fantasy film about the tribulations of a clandestine operation team recruited by the government to steal a deadly virus from a band of terrorists. Led by Commander Bill McNeil, the team confronts the thieves in a daring act of piracy and, after a standoff in mid-air, retrieves the deadly bottle. When two members of the team are subsequently murdered, McNeil suspects that the government might be behind the gruesome act. The team steals the virus back and becomes the subject of a deadly hunt by mysterious mercenaries. Airborne plays like a cross between Mission Impossible and The Rock; Steve Guttenberg, the star of Police Academy and Cocoon, might seem a strange choice as an action hero, but the film in general has entertainment value. ~ Gönül Dönmez-Colin, All Movie Guide


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