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Screencaps for Accused - Tracie's Story

Loads of caps!

Screencapping is a lot of work and time consuming. So if you want to post these anywhere else be sure to credit The Mighty Bean. Visit the screencap album and watch the slideshow. Press fullscreen for large view!!

Accused screencaps here

Sean on BBC One Show

Some first screencaps, more later!

Accused airs on August 14th!

Saturday Times interview with picture

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 Saturday Times Interview

Various magazine scans

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TV Times

Radio Times

TV & Satelitte Weekly

Tuesday Choices from Radio Times (thank you, Toastie!)

"From the early moments of Jimmy McGovern's new series of plays-for-today, we know it's different from most dramas.   We haven't seen Sean Bean in a blonde wig and full drag before, for a start (not wholly gorgeous, it must be said, but that's part of the point).   Then his character, Simon/Tracie, gets into a row with some drunk lads in a bar and one of them (Stephen Graham) offers to share a cab home.   From there an awkward affair begins.  The story draws us in brilliantly then unsettles us with deft turns, but because we opened in a courtroom cell, we know this will end badly.   We know tragedy, as always with Accused, is hanging in the air waiting to swamp the characters.   And thanks to soulful performances (Bean and Graham are superb) and writing that takes us from 0 to 60 in a few seconds, we care.

TV Choice article

This is a brilliant article; with stunning pictures. Thank you so much, Lou for finding it! Thank you Pudge for the enlarged pictures!

TV Choice article

Accused Trailer!

A great interview with Sean on Accused

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Accused - BBC

BBC Trailer for the Autumn season

Bits of Sean/Tracie in this!


Stephen Graham, Sean's co-star on filming Accused:

“We were doing a scene one day sitting on a sofa and I found myself really gazing at his lovely long legs, everyone on set was going on about them and how good his legs look in white tights.

“I was getting closer to him and leaning in to him and thinking about kissing him and I thought, ‘Wooaa... what’s going on here Stephen... I’m getting into this a bit too much - this isn’t the script!

SAGA (UK magazine) interview

Big thanks to Morvgal, who copied this interview by hand! 

"Grown Up Test - SEAN BEAN - He's best known as soldier Richard Sharpe and a Bond baddie. So its surprising, to say the least, to see 'ard man Sean cast as a teacher with a blonde alter ego, Tracie, in BBC One's Accused. Married 4 times, Sean, 53, is now single and lives in London. But how old is he in his head?

 Q: How do you keep fit?

A: As a kid I boxed. Now I cycle.

 Q: Latest bit of new tech?

A: An iPad, but I need to get together with my kids, so they can show me how it works.

 Q: You're playing a they have more fun?

A: Yes! It was one of the most enjoyable r shings I've done.

 Q: Worst thing about dressing as a woman?

A: It takes longer. I wore the heels around my house before filming. After a bit I was walking on cobbles - in stilettos -with ease.

 Q: What would surprise us?

A: I enjoy gardening. I don't just plant busy lizzies. Ive done a lot of landscaping.

 Q: What did turning 50 mean?

A: Understanding I should keep fit and eat better. I gave up booze for Lent and felt great. Turning 50 wasn't a landmark but getting to 52 was a bit shocking. Life goes past quick, doesn't it?

 Q: Last good deed for the planet?

A: Donating one of my fees to renovate a recreation ground in Sheffield.

 Q: Play a musical instrument?

A: An upright piano. I'm not too bad, but I'm having lessons.

 Q: Your favourite James Bond?

A: Pierce Brosnan, with Sean Connery a close second.

 Q: Never travel without...

A: Henderson's Relish, a sauce from Sheffield. It's gorgeous on fish and chips.

 Q: Felt grown up at....?

A: 16 as an apprentice welder. I thought 'I'm hard'.

 Q: Preferred epitaph?

A: Let there be free beer for all.

 Q: Childhood career dream?

A: I wasn't good at anything much until I started acting. I packed in welding, got into RADA and didn't look back.

 Q: Most prized possessions?

A: Three swords: one each from Sharpe, Macbeth and Troy.

 Q: What irritates you?

A: Traffic wardens, petty rules...

 Q: Youth back or life now?

A: My youth. The Seventies were glamorous, arty and exciting.

 Q: Live to work or work to live?

A: Always work to live.

 Q: Your greatest love?

A: My kids - and Sheffield United.

VERDICT - Sean, its hard to erase the memory of those tight breeches, playing Sharpe in your thirties. But despite your iPad fog, you've stayed fit enough for heels, so we put you at 43. "


Newspaper error!

This week the Manchester EveningNews posted pictures of what they thought was Sean in travesty. To be honest; those were horrible pictures. Of course this weren't pictures of Sean, but his double.

The Daily Mail posted the same pictures, without checking and  wrote an 'article' about it. They now took down the link as many people comented and pointed out the mistake they made.

 The Manchester Evening News had the decency to post a rectification:

Picture of Sean/Tracie

Lovely picture; in make-up and street clothes, thanks to Miranka.

Sean plays cross-dresser in Accused

Sean Bean to star in Accused

Sean Bean to star in Jimmy McGovern’s award-winning series Accused on BBC One

Sean Bean, Anna Maxwell Martin and Stephen Graham are to star in Jimmy McGovern’s award-winning series Accused on BBC One in 2012.

Stellar British actors Sean Bean (Game Of Thrones, Lord Of The Rings, Sharpe), Stephen Graham (Boardwalk Empire, Occupation, This Is England) and twice BAFTA-winning actress Anna Maxwell Martin (South Riding, The Night Watch, Bleak House) are to star in the two episodes of Accused, made by RSJ Films for BBC One, which film this year.
Sean Bean plays English teacher Simon, whose alter ego Tracie's unconventional quest for love entangles him in an affair that leads inexorably to a terrible crime of passion. Stephen Graham stars as Tony, a satellite and aerial engineer, and Rachel Leskovac (Coronation Street, Holby City) plays his wife of 12 years, beautician Karen.

Little do the trio know that once their paths have crossed their lives will change irrevocably. This episode is written by Shaun Duggan (EastEnders, Moving On) and Jimmy McGovern. The director is Ashley Pearce (Downton Abbey).
Commenting on his new role Sean Bean says: “I’ve wanted to work on a Jimmy McGovern drama for a while and I think this cracking script really delivers a powerful, emotional drama for the audience."

Acclaimed actress Anna Maxwell Martin stars as Tina Dakin, a married mother of three, who is overstretched at home and at the juvenile detention centre where she works as a prison officer.

But something doesn’t seem right when new inmate Stephen Cartwright (Robert Sheehan) arrives and before long she is to meet his father Peter (John Bishop) in the worst circumstances imaginable. This episode is written by Isabelle Grey (Genghis Khan, Midsomer Murders) and Jimmy McGovern. It is directed by Ashley Pearce.
Two episodes of Accused were filmed last autumn. Anne Marie Duff and Olivia Colman star as mothers trying to do the right thing by their sons and their community; Robert Sheehan plays Stephen, who suspects his mother’s palliative care nurse (Sheridan Smith) of serious wrongdoing. John Bishop plays Stephen’s father Peter and Josh Bolt plays Stephen’s younger brother, Dom.

Accused was re-commissioned by BBC One Controller Danny Cohen and Controller of Drama Commissioning Ben Stephenson. It is executive produced for the BBC by Polly Hill, Head of Independent Drama. Sita Williams is the producer and she executive produces with Jimmy McGovern and Roxy Spencer for RSJ Films.
The series directors are David Blair (The Street, Accused) and Ashley Pearce (Downton Abbey). The first series shown on BBC One in 2010 scooped two international Emmy Awards last year: Christopher Eccleston won best performance by an actor and Accused won in the best series category.

BBC Media Centre

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