The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art was founded in 1904.


Sean's class of 1981  had - apart from Sean himself  - quite a few now well known actors and actresses on it's list like Kenneth Branagh, Fiona Shaw, Joely Richardson, James Wilby, John Sessions and Janet McTeer.


Here, Sean decided to keep true to his Yorkshire accent, supported by some of his tutors, and chose for received pronunciation, a technique which would enable him to perform in stage classical roles.

Sean graduated with an Honours Diploma and three prizes: the Silver Medal (2nd highest award after the Gold Bancroft Medal), the Ware Prize, and the Crean Prize (Figar Prize).


A few pictures of RADA - click thumbs.


Plays Sean appeared in while at RADA:

Play                                                                Character


Fears and Miseries of  the Third Reich  

King Lear                                                       Duke of Albany

The House of Atreuss                                     Agamemnon

The Merry Wives of Windsor                         Pistol

The Country Wife                                           Mr. Pinchwife

Twelfth Night                                                  Fabian

The Three Sisters                                            Andrei Prozorov

Julius Caesar                                                   Flavius/Popilius/Cinna

Waiting for Godot                                           Pozzo

One Flew Over the  Cuckoo's Nest                 McMurphy

The Pajama Game                                           Pop

Medea                                                            Jason

Much Ado About Nothing                               Messenger/Guard/Musician

Measure for Measure                                      Angelo

Source: the Compleat Sean Bean



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