The Sheffield United Hall of Fame

Sean Bean opened the Sheffield United Hall of Fame on the 21st December 2001. The museum is full of memorabilia of the clubs history which dates back to 1889 There are shirts, caps and medals on display from when "The Blades" won the FA cup in 1925

Sean of course, is a lifetime fan of "The Blades", and even has their name tattoed on his arm! The Pictures from an interview which Sean gave to the BBC regional news programme Look North. Audio and video files from this will be in the soon to open downloads gallery in the Multimedia section


Rosie O'Donnell Show

Sean chatted with Rosie about the role of Boromir in The Fellowship of The Ring. The audio file for this interview will be in the soon to open Download Gallery in the Multimedia section.

Some screencaps from this ibnterview


2002 Celebrity Auction

Sean appeared on the Carlton TV Celebrity Auction which was broadcast on ITV on the 1st November 2000. The purpose of the auction was to raise money for Charity. No, unfortunately, Sean himself wasn't up for auction:-( He presented a luxury holiday in the Maldives, which raised over £8000 for charity. Some pictures from this event.


Don't Say a Word interview

Film 2002 Interview, the audio and video files will be in th soon to opened download gallery in Multimedia. Click for larger images.


More interviews and promotion for Sci-Fi Chanel

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The Island

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Sheffield United vs Liverpool


Sean opening 'Impact" a Sheffield Gym


Interview on Sheffield's holy ground


Revealing a statue


Enemy of Man Updates

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